Sandy knows best

Hi everyone,

So glad we bought a fire pit this year. Sandy had wanted one for years. Now I see why. And she looks totally at home beside it.

One of my favorite things

Hi everyone,

First, thanks to everyone for the good wishes about our condo as Michael moved onto land yesterday. Preliminary reports are encouraging so our area was spared the worst. Our hearts go out to the communities a few miles to the east of us who suffered so much destruction.

As for today, I get to participate once again in the Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks, which is held annually on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield. More than a dozen authors and artists will meet with groups of students in grades 4-8 to talk about what we do, offer tips, and answer questions. I’ve participated in this event each year since it began thirty-eight years ago and always look forward to it. I’m grateful to the hard working committee of wonderful women who make this happen every year.

Other guests at the party

    Hi everyone,

    Last night we ate out by the lake. The air was cool so we took advantage of the fire pit. As we enjoyed our meal, we noticed that several small insects were attracted by the flames, mostly little moths that flew around the fire or landed nearby, including on us. When we finished and I stood to turn off the fire pit for the evening, I discovered this mantis perched on the adjoining table two feet from the flames. I don’t know if it was attracted by the fire or by the opportunity to grab a free snack. One never knows who is sharing the feast around Goose Lake.

Down to the last day

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow morning at 8:00, movers will haul off to storage what’s left of Gamble’s — inventory, fixtures, furniture. We’ll spend today in the office, playing the game of what to keep, what to toss. Thirty-four years of records takes up a lot of room. It won’t be a happy experience, but it’s a necessary one.

Son Jeff is flying in tonight to spend a few days helping us get organized so we can find what we need in all the storage boxes and debate the pros and cons of having a garage sale one of these day. If we do, it will be a first for us. Wish us luck!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll reduce my schedule to seven hours a day and reduce the number of blog posts by quite a bit. Lots of changes going on around here!