An announcement from my M.O.W.

Hi everyone,

My husband is going to take some time off. He’s too cowardly to tell you himself because he’s afraid you’ll be mad at him and never come back again to his blog and he’ll have no friends and spend the rest of his life sniffling in a corner and his writing will turn to twaddle and his publishers will ring the doorbell and announce they’ve come to take back all of his books and little kids will write him hate letters, so I’m telling you for him that he’s going to take two weeks away from the glittering lights of Blogville to goo foff. Yes, that’s what I said — G-O-O F-O-F-F. I swear I don’t think the man could even spell that.

The things I do for him! And he calls me his M.O.W. I think I’ll start calling him my C.O.H. (Cowardly Old Husband).

So there you have it. Sorry it had to come from me but he’s too busy cringing and having his little pity party to tell you himself.

P.S. He’ll post the July Word of the Month and maybe chip in a tidbit now and then. We’ll see how it goes.


Down for the upgrade

Hi everyone,

I’m back. At least I hope I am. Son Jeff is going to upgrade me from XP to 8.1 and says that the process might take a couple of days. I thought I’d better say hi while I can in case we encounter unexpected problems and delays.

I admit that my vacation wasn’t as hard to endure as I’d feared. I might even take another one eventually. Sleeping in was great! I confess to “thinking” about work on a few occasions but mostly I was true to my promise. I read one good book and am halfway through another, plus I’ve finished nearly half of the March issue of Language Arts journal, underlining best parts as I go.

My best to all. Glad to be back.


It was a big boat

Hi everyone,
Around 4,000 passengers IMAG0957and 1,400 crew cruised on the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas last week. IMAG1000Our home port was Cape Canaveral and we made stops at a private island owned by the company plus San Juan IMAG0992and Philipsburg, St. Maartin. IMAG0972If you’re going to spend a week out of touch with the rest of the world, this wasn’t a bad way to do it.IMAG0973 IMAG0995But you know me. It’s the details that always catch my eye.
We had a fine time.

Caption that cartoon

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to feature another thought provoking and outright funny drawing by Rob Shepperson. We’ve played the “Caption that Cartoon” game a number of times and it always attracts a crowd of  amused onlookers and a bunch of witty contributors.

Rob and I have collaborated on two books: BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS and VACATION, WE’RE GOING TO THE OCEAN. Rob’s credits span a wide range, including Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times Book Review, and Newsweek, not to mention his other book partnerships.  The best way to learn more about Rob Shepperson is to visit his website at .

Put on your thinking cap, sharpen your pencil, and caption this cartoon! Thanks Rob. I love this one too.



Caption That Cartoon!

Hi everyone,

Here’s something new I hope you’ll enjoy. Do you ever look on the back page of THE NEW YORKER and make up captions for the cartoons there? I’m always surprised by the variety of captions people find to apply to the same picture. Sort of like looking at one word and finding multiple ways to become inspired. So I begged my friend, artist Rob Shepperson, to play along with me to bring you: CAPTION THAT CARTOON!

Here’s the first of what I hope will become a regular (or irregular) feature. See what you make of this picture and dream up a caption for it. Try as many as you want to and tell others to join the challenge.

If Rob’s work looks familiar, it should! We’ve done two books together, BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS and VACATION, WE’RE GOING TO THE OCEAN.

Rob has partnered with others, too, including award winning Carolyn Coman and J. Patrick Lewis. If any of you editors out there think it would be fun to see a new Harrison/Shepperson collaboration, we do too! Wink wink.

I’m including some links to help you get there faster to learn more about this talented artist. At my request he also included this brief bio.

Rob’s drawings of humans and animals can be seen in children’s books such as David L. Harrison’s BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS, and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. He is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institue, and lives in Croton on Hudson, New York.