Correcting my Wikipedia page

Hi everyone,

The other day a friend of mine asked if I was aware of some changes made to my Wikipedia profile. Someone had changed Sandy’s name and stated that I had three children at home. Jeff was the first to investigate and make the quick corrections about the family information. I’ve looked it over and spotted other edits and realize that I haven’t thought to update the page since it went up several years ago. I’d forgotten that anyone can make changes to a Wikipedia page besides the editors. I can see where someone might add something in good faith but I’m puzzled about why anyone would intentionally post false or misleading information about an author. I’ve made a copy of the current page and hope to find time soon to update the professional information. I don’t know how many people refer to this resource but those who do deserve current and correct information. Once the updates ad corrections are complete I’ll post the link again. I wonder if anyone else has been vandalized in this way.