Headed home

I’ve enjoyed returning to the west coast. Years ago, when I was working on WILD COUNTRY, some of the poems in the collection were generated by visits to this beautiful part of America. I sometimes consider writing another collection of poems about wild, majestic places and the creatures that inhabit them. I made some notes while we were here so you never know . . .

Tonight I sleep with my head back on my own pillow but I’ve had a fine time here with our son Jeff and daughter-in-law Jennifer. Another highlight was getting with my friend Ruth Culham last night. Ruth has agreed to be a blog guest one of these days. She stays busy but I promise that the wait will be worth it!

This week you’ll enjoy a poem and picture featuring Mary Nida Smith. Dont’ miss her on Wednesday the 23rd.


Poem of the Week

December 30 — Voting ends at midnight CST.

by David L. Harrison

No words
are as big as a mountain,
blue as a summer sky,
flickering quick
as a hummingbird’s wing,
bright as a butterfly.

No words
taste as sweet as wild honey,
glow like a setting sun,
howl at the moon
like wolves in the night,
leap like a stag on the run.

No words
can paint pictures of nature,
they’re poor shabby symbols at best
that only remind us
beauty surrounds us,
the heart must supply the rest.

From Wild Country
Boyds Mills Press, 1999