The first Word of the Month for 2017

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! May this be a good year for you writing-wise and otherwise.

Here’s your first challenge for 2017. The word for January is RENEW.

I’m eager to see what you’ll do with it. Ready. Set. Poetize!



The word of the month for September is . . .

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
Another month, another opportunity to stretch with some word play. I just returned to the list of words provided by you half a year ago and selected this one: FORGOTTEN. It feels ripe with possibilities. How did that old song go, “Try to remember the kind of September?” Let’s see what we remember and what we have forgotten.

Word of the month for June is . . .

Hi everyone,

Time to change gears. Here we are in June so we need a new word. Going back to the list of suggestions, I chose this one: WATER. Let’s see what you can do with it. For anyone who hasn’t jumped in with a poem before but has always intended to, here’s your chance.

Remember, this monthly exercise is meant to stimulate imagination. You can write directly about water or look for a different way to connect to the word so that water isn’t necessarily the main theme of your poem. The fun of W.O.M. challenge is to see how many ways you can think of to work the word into a poem.

My Word of the Month poem for May

Hi everyone,
Strange how the mind reacts to a word. I have no idea why MAY landed me in prison.

Visiting an Old Dungeon
by David L. Harrison

You could miss them.
m a y
Bare scratchings on the wall.

Slate or grave marker,
mystery scribe?
My mind seeks yours.

Were these your initials,
the skeleton of your name?
All that was left
of your earthly estate,
bequeathed to a future world?

Or perhaps you wept
at your lover’s name.
Did you hold her once?
Give her a child?

Was May the month
they cast you in,
entombed forever
in this lightless hole?
Clanged shut
the iron gate of hell?

Villain or victim
you authored three letters,
a profound message.