My Word of the Month poem for June

Hi everyone,

My poem for June inspired by YOU.

You are the one
who makes me smile,
who makes my life
seem more worthwhile.

You are the one
who’s always there,
who makes my troubles
easier to bear.

You are the one
who pushes back,
keeps me from wandering
off the track.

You are the one who
till the end
will always be
my cherished friend.

You are the one.
You are the one.
You are the one.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison

Wheel, part 2

Hi everyone,

Jane, I couldn’t get back yesterday. Here’s my follow-up to your poem. Thanks for the prompt.

Back in my wheel,
my book-lined nest.
Inhaling the silence,
I cherish the test.

Here I take nourishment,
live in my head.
Here I imagine
the sorcerer’s thread.

Words are my fortress
where safely within
I trundle my wheel,
I spin, I spin.

(c) David L. Harrison

And the word for June is . . .

BULLETIN: Attention folks in the general area of Portland, Oregon. Ben Asher (Sandy’s son) has a new business that might interest you. In addition to being a professional proof reader, Ben is now a residence editor too. What? Well read all about it here: .

Hi everyone,

Cory, have we done BUG yet? I don’t remember doing it before but even if we have I think June is a good month for it. So I say, BUG.

Word of the Month for June

Hi everyone,

Where did May go? I was just getting used to it. But here’s June with all the promises of summer coming up so I think we need a good summery word to inspire our poems. So why not just go with SUMMER? Summer is a season, a name, an attitude, and springboard to memories, an expectation, a hope for the future. Let’s do it.

Yesterday I was interviewed about my e-book GOOSE LAKE on Springfield’s public radio station, KSMU. My thanks to Michele Skalicky for coming to my house, sitting with me in the yard overlooking the lake, and recording me talking about and reading from the book. In the background you can hear a goose or two flying by. If you would like to hear the interview, here’s the link. Once you’re there, click on MP3 in the upper left to play the recording. It only lasts 3 1/2 minutes. .