On the other end of Skype

BULLETIN: Sandy Asher’s upcoming play in New York City, WALKING TOWARD AMERICA, has now sold out its first three performances and has fewer than 30 tickets remaining for its fourth. If you have been considering it, now’s the time to order your tickets. My Sandy and I have ours and look forward to combining the excitement of attending Sandy’s play with the other venues that are available in that great city. Here’s the link to guide you as your order your tickets. http://walkingtowardamerica.wordpress.com .

Hi everyone,

It was fun to join Larry Brimner and his workshop attendees on Monday. In browsing through some of the posted pictures I ran across one of me during my Skype visit. From where I sat in my office, I was looking down on the room and could see everyone fairly clearly. I knew that my image was large because in my workshops at The Barn I’ve watched my own Skype guests, J. Patrick Lewis, Renee LaTulippe, Jane Yolen, and Kenn Nesbitt on that wall. Now I’ve seen it both ways.

My thanks to Larry for inviting me and a special thanks to all of you for recommending your favorite blog sites. I compiled the list and provided it as a handout at the workshop. An hour passed quickly.

During Larry Brimner's workshop

Favorite blogs and why

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow I’ll visit Honesdale via Skype to talk to Larry Brimner’s workshop gang about blogging. I have my notes ready but have a favor to ask.

Many of you blog, too, and/or regularly visit BlogSpots that interest you. Would you mind sharing some of your favorites and why you like them? That way I can also provide those who are attending Larry’s workshop with a current list of sites they might want to check out.



Busy weekend

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was the Childrens Literature Festival of the Ozarks — another fine event, as always — today is the Writers Hall of Fame Writers Workshop, and tomorrow we drive to Warrensburg for the reception in honor of PIRATES that is being given by Missouri Center for the Book. Altogether a fun weekend.

Yesterday Chris Craig, Gale Clithero, and I rehearsed eight numbers that we’ll perform as Byron Biggers Band during today’s writers workshop so I’m looking forward to that. We haven’t worked together for several years so we definitely needed to practice.

A reminder of Writers Workshop

Hi everyone,

This is a repeat but one that seems worth posting a second time. It’s time to register for those who are interested in attending. Last year Writers Hall of Fame sponsored a one-day workshop in Springfield, Missouri called “Awakening the Writer Within.” It was a successful event so this year we’re sponsoring another one and calling it “Nourishing the Writer Within.” If you think you might be interested in participating in this workshop, here’s the information about it.

Get inspired! Get answers! Get going!

Start your writing life – or expand the one you have – at the 2013 Writers Workshop, “Nourishing the Writer Within,” sponsored by the Writers Hall of Fame. Get inspiration and useful tips from published authors, poets and journalists.
The 2013 Writers Workshop is 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 12, in the Library Center auditorium, 4653 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, Missouri. Cost is $50 and includes a morning snack, refreshments and a box lunch. For age 16 and older. Registration is limited, so sign up early!

Workshop schedule:

8:30-9 a.m. Registration, refreshments and welcome
9-9:45 a.m. David Harrison “You Know You’re a Writer When…”
9:50-10:35 a.m. Veda Boyd Jones, “Important Elements of Writing A Novel: Which Comes First When Plotting a Novel? Setting, Characters, or Conflict?”
10:40-10:55 a.m. Break/Poems for Two Voices – David Harrison & audience members
11-11:45 Cecily White, “Developing Conflict and Finding Your Voice.”
11:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Lunch provided
12:35-1 p.m. Break/ Entertainment: The Byron Biggers Band
1-1:45 p.m. Jim Long, “Marketing What You Write: Magazines, to Online Publications, Books to Blogs.”
1:45-2:30 p.m. Ethan Bryan, Juliana Goodwin, Wes Johnson, “How to Write What’s Second Nature To You… and Not Get Lost in the Weeds.”
2:30-2:45 p.m. Break/entertainment by songwriter/guitarist Ethan Bryan
2:45-3:30 William Garvin, “An Ugly Little Story: Placing Family History in a Wider Context.”
3:30-4 p.m. Wrapping It Up: Panel and audience Q&A with the writers


Register now for an inspiring day of Nourishing the Writer Within!

• Saturday, October 12, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., at the Library Center auditorium, 4653 S. Campbell. For ages 16 and older.
• Registration fee: $50, includes morning snack, refreshments & box lunch
• Registration deadline: Friday, October 4, 2013. Seating is limited, sign up early!
Please print clearly
Name: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________
Daytime phone: ______________________
Email: ______________________________

Register online at http://writershalloffame.org or by mail and send this form and your completed check to: Kim Flores, 2256 S. Dollison Ave., Springfield, Mo. 65807
For more information call Kathleen O’Dell, 616-0564 or email kathleeno@thelibrary.org .

Your workshop speakers:

David L. Harrison’s

89 books for young people and teachers have received dozens of honors, including the Christopher Medal for The Book of Giant Stories. His work has been translated into 12 languages and anthologized more than 125 times. David’s poem, “My Book,” is sandblasted into a library sidewalk in Phoenix and adorns a bookmobile in Pueblo, Colo. His poetry inspired the popular school play, “Somebody Catch My Homework.” The Missouri Librarian Association honored him with its Literacy Award for the body of his work. David has science degrees from Drury and Emory universities and honorary doctorate of letters from Missouri State and Drury universities. David Harrison Elementary School is named for him. He is Drury University’s poet laureate. See http://davidlharrison.com  .

Veda Boyd Jones

is a prolific writer, with 47 books and more than 500 articles and short stories to her name. Research skills are critical, Veda says. The skills she learned in school propelled the research she did for her nonfiction books and for details she needed for novels. She has written adult romance, children’s fiction and nonfiction for magazines, articles for reference books, middle-grade novels and nonfiction books for children, and books for first readers and high school students. See http://vedaboydjones.com  .

Cecily White

is the author of “Prophesy Girl.” She has enjoyed careers as a hand model, GAP salesgirl, movie projectionist, psychotherapist, yoga instructor, university professor, artist, dance choreographer, eating disorders specialist, psych diagnostician, book reviewer and copy editor – none of which, she says, are as much fun as writing novels. See http://cecilywhite.com .

Jim Long

is the founder of Long Creek Herbs, and since 1987 has been in the business of herb gardening and writing books covering topics from herbal remedies to dream pillows. When he’s not traveling the world looking for interesting new plants, he is writing columns for gardening and herb magazines or writing books on a variety of related subjects or journaling on one of his many online blogs. Currently he writes for four magazines and 17 regional newspapers, and freelances for other publications. “It’s important to find your niche market, learn how to access it and things to avoid.” See http://longcreekherbs.com

Ethan Bryan

is an author, musician, and story-teller. He has completed century rides on bicycles, under par rounds of golf, and is a world-record holder. He still dreams of one day playing baseball with the Kansas City Royals. Ethan is currently working on a project to become the “World’s Best Catch Player.” Ethan and his wife, Jamie, live in Springfield, Missouri, with their two daughters. He is the author of “Run Home & Take a Bow: Stories of Life, Faith, and a Season With the KC Royals;” “Striking Out ALS: A Hero’s Tale;” and “Tales of the Taylor: Songs That Changed the World.” See http://ethanbryan.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/going-viral

Juliana Goodwin

was born in Brazil and raised in nine countries, which is where her love of travel developed. “My father was in the foreign service so we hosted three to five cocktail parties and luncheons a week – so I grew up entertaining. As a small child, my mother had a bakery out of the house and I learned to bake at an early age. By first grade, I was creating original recipes. I have always known I wanted to be a writer; I’d dictate to my mom before I could physically write. I have degrees in both English and Print Journalism. Early on, I decided I wanted to pursue food and travel writing. Today, I am a columnist for the Springfield News-Leader. My goal is to visit every continent on earth, 100 countries and every state in the U.S. (and continue writing about it). Read her work at http://news-leader.com

Wes Johnson

has been a reporter and editor since graduating from Wichita State University’s journalism program in 1980. Currently the Outdoors writer at the Springfield News-Leader, Wes enjoys getting out into the woods for long hikes, kayaking Missouri streams and sailing clear Ozarks lakes on sailboats he restores as a hobby. He specializes in participatory journalism — writing about the great outdoors from a personal point of view and sharing his experiences and adventures with readers. Read his work at http://news-leader.com

William Garvin

has been Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist at F.W. Olin Library, Drury University since 1992. His articles have been published The Springfield News-Leader, Drury Magazine, The Ada (Okla.) Evening News, and The Rolla Daily News. He has also taught a number of classes in literature, history and the study of the printed book.

Veda Boyd Jones speaking at Writers Workshop

Hi everyone,

I mentioned the other day that Writers Hall of Fame is hosting its second annual writers workshop in Springfield on October 12. It’s an all day event that will feature a number of veteran writers speaking on various aspects of their craft. One of the highlights for me will be to hear Veda Boyd Jones talk about “Important Elements of Writing a Novel: Which Comes First When Plotting a Novel? Setting, Characters, or Conflict?”

It will be my privilege to introduce Veda before her address.
Veda Boyd Jones
It won’t be hard to think of something to say about this multitalented author. Here are a few quick facts. Veda Boyd Jones is the author of 47 books with traditional publishers, some for adult markets, most for children. Publishers include Scholastic, Barbour, McGraw-Hill, Lerner, Lucent, Chelsea House, Wendy Pye, Avalon, and Seedling. In addition,she’s had over 500 short stories or articles published in magazines (Woman’s World, The Writer, Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac, Highlights, Cricket, Humpty Dumpty and many others). Now she’s ventured into the e-world with Joe’s Ghost, An Ozark Christmas Angel and other books on Kindle.

See what I mean? It’s going to be a good day. To learn from Veda and a full lineup of other professionals, those who attend will only pay $50, which also includes a morning snack, refreshments, and box lunch. Anyone who would like to take advantage of this opportunity can register online at http://www.writershalloffame.org  or by mail to Kim Flores, 2256 S. Dollison, Ave., Springfield, MO 65807. For information call Kathleen O’Dell, 417-616-0564.