Stretching mud

Hi everyone,

I finally settled on MUD as my pick for writing by association. For one thing it prompted a silly poem and for another it seems to be producing a co-written story with Jane Yolen. Not bad for a simple exercise. I hope others have been playing along with me on this. My thanks to Matt for posting his thoughts and efforts as we’ve gone along.

Mud Is

oozy sqoozy squishy squshy goopy goppy gloppy mushy slushy sloppy plippy ploppy splashy crashy soppy floppy gooey drippy bellyfloppy wriggly wallowy splat kerwhoppy comfy cozy ‘tween your toe-sies in your ears and in your hair and up your nose and yes up there so if you’re ever feeling cruddy you’ll feel better when you’re muddy.

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved