Sites I recommend and a special thank you

My birthday ditty to me after gazing in a mirror:
Crossing the Dome

Behold the few that dare alone
To cross the dome
Where once an army proudly marched
With cream and comb.

Eventually relentless time
Will decimate
The thinning ranks of veterans
That cross the pate.

They know their fate yet valiantly
They soldier on.
The dome will win, they’ll wisp away,
Be gone anon.


Yesterday I was pleased to feature Jane Yolen as my guest. My thanks to Jane for her usual inspiring candor and insight. I know that you enjoyed her remarks as much as I did.

Today I want to tell you about an ambitious new project by our friend and frequent contributor, Steven Withrow. Beginning Monday Steven will post installments of THE FEATHER OF MEMORY, his new young adult novella written in blank verse. Steven states that March 15th, the Ides of March, is a date that plays an important part in his story. The series will update weekly until the story is completed. You can check out the introduction and the first installment now as a “sneak preview.” Each installment includes an audio file of the poet reading his poem aloud.

Here’s where to view Steven’s work: .

Best wishes to Steven in his exciting venture.

Here’s another opportunity for writers that I want to bring to your attention. This one comes from England from Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swirling. I’m printing their note in full so you’ll have what you need to investigate further.

Hi David,

Launch of the monthly Smories Prize for Best New Kid’s Story

Greetings from the UK. We are writing to you because we are trying to spread the word about our new prize for children story writing.

We are a London-based creative couple (writers/artists/illustrators) and have just launched , a free website for kids to watch little films of new stories being read by other kids.

It is also a place for unpublished children’s story writers to get their work published free online, whilst retaining all rights. The stories will be text only (not illustrated), which will remove a common obstacle to publication for many aspiring writers.

In order to attract great stories, we have created a US$1,500 prize for the best one submitted each month. From the submissions, 50 stories will be shortlisted each month, get narrated by kids and filmed, and the film attracting the most traffic on the site will win the prize.

If you could help us spread the word by possibly mentioning us on your blog we’d be massively appreciative.

Best wishes,

– Ralph Lazar & Lisa Swerling
+44 (0) 7976 762 728

Now for my thank you. This is my blog so I can brag if I want to. Okay? Today is my birthday and I am looking at a wonderful gift from “my” kids at David Harrison Elementary School in Springfield, Missouri. Students and teachers in every class worked on a page for an enormous card. It’s 12 x 18 on colored construction paper and filled with pictures of beautiful girls and handsome boys. They sent me handprints, all kinds of good wishes, pictures of students holding up favorite books, and they wrote poetry for me! Who knew they knew that I like poetry? Here’s one of my favorites. It’s from Miss Burleson’s 1st Grade Class.

Our Good Friend, David Harrison
When David Harrison
enters a room,
Happiness immediately
begins to bloom.
David Harrison is
an amazing writer.
When we read his poems,
our world gets brighter.
He’s a HUSKY
like me and you.
We love him,
and he loves us, too!!!

I know I’m carrying on, but I’ve never received such a unique gift and I can’t help wanting to share it with you. To all the boys and girls and staff and principal, Ms. Mendel, at Harrison Elementary, I thank you and I do, indeed, love you.