Uh, you missed one.

Day 5

Hi everyone,

Great artists sometimes are forced to forgo the joy of work in order to record for posterity the labors of others. For example:


Be safe

Hi everyone,

This morning we’re watching pictures of the devastating storm in Florida coming on the heels of the one that did so much harm in Texas and Louisiana. I can’t think of anything playful to say. Today I remain silent and send my thoughts and wishes to all who are in harm’s way or have already been impacted. I wish you strength and courage.


The light show

Hi everyone,

We have an outdoor security light that is motion activated. For the last few days and nights it has been stuck on so we have light all day and all night. I need to try to fix it but in the meantime I’m enjoying the nightly show. An orb spider has taken advantage of the situation by building its web between a nearby brick wall and a cherry tree only a few feet from the night light and the small insects attracted to it. That’s one full little spider.

And over on our living room window last night another small carnivore was having a wonderful time too. It found a web across the glass and was busily crawling around in it snapping up whatever bugs it could find as others continued to get stuck on what was left of the sticky web.

When I finally get that night light turned off, I’ll probably get hate mail from the orb spider and the mantis.

Sometimes it takes so little to make me happy!

Day 2

Hi everyone,

No word yesterday so the wait goes on. Maybe today.

In the meantime, I rediscovered a story I like that an editor also liked ten years ago. She thought she was going to take it but her boss changed her mind and decided to pass at the last minute. I put it away and haven’t thought about it in a decade. I think it’s time to show it to someone else so I’ll send it on its way today.

Waiting for #100

Hi everyone,

I’m in countdown mode. THE BOY WITH A DRUM (1969) was my first book. NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T (2016) was my 92nd. I have seven books in the works: one this fall, one in January, one in spring, and four that will be 2018-19 issues.

This week I have manuscripts going to committee at two publishers. One of them might be #100. I am waiting to hear. Every time is like the first: pure joy.