RUM PUM PUM off to a roaring good start

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for your comments and good wishes about RUM PUM PUM. Many of you listened to our recorded visit among the create team who made the book — Grace Maccarone (editor), Jane Yolen (co-author), David L. Harrison (co-author), and Anjan Sarkar (illustrator). The recording is posted on Holiday House Facebook at ( so we hope you’ll go there and tell others who might be interested in the conversation for use in classrooms. No one has left a question or comment yet, but there’s a place to leave one if you like. Just click on the link and do a bit of scrolling. Later in the day Jane and I learned of a contract offer to present the book in a recorded format so that was added frosting on the book’s birth day cake.

1 editor + 2 authors + 1 artist = RUM PUM PUM interview

ANNOUNCEMENT: Emily Mannon from Holiday House tells me she will post the video at 1pm EST tomorrow on their Facebook ( “People can head over there to watch and if anyone comments, feel free to respond! I’ll promote it on our twitter and repromoted it later in the week as well. After that, it’ll live on our website on the book page (”

We have now finished the conversation and had fun doing it. I hope you’ll listen in tomorrow.

Hi everyone,

Today at 9:00 CST time I’ll participate in a chat with co-author Jane Yolen and artist Anjan Sarkar, narrated by our editor Grace Maccarone, about our new book, RUM PUM PUM, which will be released tomorrow on September 15.

As soon as I learn the particulars about how you can watch it, I’ll let you know. It should be an interesting conversation.

RUM PUM PUM samples arrived

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Jane Yolen and I each received samples of our upcoming book, RUM PUM PUM.

Before long we’ll start promotional efforts, including a feature (with a book giveaway) on Kathy Temean’s blog on September 2 and on September 15 Holiday House will sponsor a Facebook live video chat among Jane, our artist, Anjan Sarkar, and me. More about that when I have details. One issue to be resolved is how to hook up three people who live in Missouri, Massachusetts, and England.

Jane, as I read the book, much of the time I’m not sure who wrote which lines. That, I think, is the sign of a good blending of minds and words. It was just plain fun. More about all this soon.

Hooray, Jane and Anjan. Thanks to our editor Grace Maccarone.

First review of RUM PUM PUM

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to share the first review of RUM PUM PUM, which was officially published by Kirkus yesterday.

Author: David L. Harrison
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Anjan Sarkar
Deep in an Indian jungle, a lonely tiger longs for friends.

Although he claims to be friendly, Tiger’s sharp claws, huge teeth, and fearsome growl scare off his fellow creatures. All this changes when Tiger discovers a drum left beneath a sal tree. Tiger…notices that when he taps it with his tail, it makes a delightful rum pum pum sound. Carrying his new, rhythmic “friend” with him, Tiger wanders through the forest. Before long, the drum’s rum pum pum attracts a monkey, a rhinoceros, a parrot, a chameleon, and an elephant, all of whom layer their own, distinctive sounds over the beat of Tiger’s drum…The book’s earth-toned illustrations are stunning: Each page is packed with movement and atmosphere, and the characters’ faces are wonderfully expressive. The text is poetic, rhythmic, and, at times, humorous…the language is a pleasure to read aloud.”

The book is now set for release on September 15 and can be preordered now.


Hi everyone,

Yesterday Jane Yolen and I received a copy of the first review of our upcoming picture book, RUM PUM PUM, a lovely review from Kirkus, which will be published July 14. The title is now set for a September 15 release date and is already available online for advance orders.
British artist Anjan Sarkar illustrated our book and the reviewers love his work as much as we do. For more information about Anjan, here’s a link.

I’m especially happy with this book and one reason is because it began spontaneously here on my blog. Some of you may recall the day when Jane responded to something I posted, I answered, she answered, and we went offline to complete the book we’d accidentally begun. Every book has a back story but this one is unique in that it has many godmothers and godfathers who watched its public conception.