And the goo foffing goes on

Hi everyone,

Today ends two weeks without a meeting or a single phone call that required my attention. Good weather, much of it beautiful, some time on the beach or by the pool. Work has gone smoothly. Agreements have been reached for the manuscript due in February so I’m ready to start writing that sometime soon. Not much more I could wish for. I know my blog posts are mostly boring when I’m goo foffing. Sometimes I just don’t have much news.


Hi everyone,

I wrote outside for a while early this morning, sitting at the table with coffee. A dog bark two or three times somewhere but didn’t care enough about the issue to continue. Somewhere a leaf blower with a howling voice finished a small job and unplugged. Light breeze. Blue sky. I love it here when nature behaves itself.

Becoming reacquainted with this place always takes a while. I was writing about flies and not a one came by, but they’re there. A skinny lizard was my only company.