Home again

Hi everyone,
Spent Saturday on the road and decided to dine in that night (in Grenada, Mississippi) on cheese, crackers, and dip. Not the best meal, but not so bad after so many hours in the car, and safer than going out. We arrived in Springfield yesterday afternoon. Two months in Florida were good but it’s always wonderful to turn into our driveway again and see Goose Lake waiting. We were blessed to have Robin and Jeff join us for the last of our stay at the condo to help make new memories. And Jeff drove all 800+ miles of the trip back to Springfield. Talk about a gift!

Today it’s back in the wheel for me. Progress so far on the Rasinski/Fresch books has been steady and on schedule, but I’ll have several activities in the coming weeks that may slow things a bit. As announced earlier, I won’t be posting much for a while but will be in touch as I can.

Second verse

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I worked on the fly, so to speak, and finished the first draft of a new science-based story. Today I’ll type it and print a hard copy so I can see what I have to deal with. I love this stage.

Last night we watched this display.

What an incredible array of skyworks we’ve been treated to in back-to-back performances.

The boy being father of the man

Hi everyone,

We climbed out of bed this morning at 4:15 and arrived back at our house in Springfield at 9:30. I may not get much work done today but I’ll give it a try as time permits.

Monarchs were swarming around Bella Vita and the coast as they gather and head for Mexico. Sandy caught me out gazing at butterflies, something I’ve loved doing since third grade. I guess you can’t take the boy out of the man.