Coming tomorrow? Well of course you are!

Hi everyone,

I finished a new story yesterday. It’s not my usual fare. I’m not sure where to send it. This happens to me, on rare occasions. No matter how hard I try to stay in my known groove, somehow my muse tickles me and I go tumbling over the side, and I come back wagging a souvenir from another part of my brain. This is either a really good story or one I’ll wonder for years why I ever thought I should write it. Last time this happened I got tangled up trying to explain how to housebreak a cow. Maybe this is a necessary procedure, like cleaning out ear wax once in a while. Ah well…

You aren’t forgetting about my party tomorrow are you? Got it on your calendar? I hope this won’t keep you from coming. I’m counting on seeing you here.

Blog party at Matt Forrest Esenwine’s house!

Hi everyone,

Unless you have come to this blog during the past six months, you may already know about the twice yearly blog parties. I hosted the first four, starting December 2015, and Matt Forrest Esenwine took over from me in December 2017.

The concept of having virtual blog parties originated in conversations among Matt, Joy Acey, and me in December 15 so it seemed fitting that Matt would step in to become the second host for this fun event that routinely brings so many people together from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s astonishing how fertile imaginations can conjure a party that seems very nearly real. Guests come and go all day. Many bring refreshments. Old friends greet one another as warmly as though they were meeting face to face. Guests with questions feel free to ask them of the group or of individuals.

I don’t know if our blog party has a future but it’s fun to imagine that others will step up when Matt is ready to pass the hosting role to someone else. Right now I think he’s an ideal host because he’s riding a wave of publishing success and seems poised to enjoy more of it as he goes. So good for him and good for us as we click over to his house tomorrow at

I hope to see you there. Please spread the word to anyone you know who would enjoy dropping by to enjoy warm company and great food!

Change of host for the virtual holiday party

BULLETIN: Meant to tell you I’ll post December’s word tomorrow.

Hi everyone,

I’ve hosted four virtual blog parties at my house and I’ve loved them all. Now that we’ve established these events as a lively and congenial way to gather now and then, I think it’s time to take the next step to keep our parties exciting. I believe it needs to move around from host to host and maybe become a lasting tradition.

Joy Acey Frelinger and Matt Forrest Esenwine were the original creative drive behind my decision to have the first party so I turned to them for new advice. Matt graciously agreed to host this next event at his place two weeks from today on Friday, December 15. I’m delighted to pass the baton into such capable hands and I know that Matt will count on Joy for her always valuable ideas.

Matt is making the announcement today on his blog at so please go there for further information and make your plans to attend the party on the 15th. Matt, many thanks for agreeing to be the second host. I hope we’ll see many others step forward in the future.

As anyone knows who has ever hosted a party — virtual or otherwise — it takes some work to prepare and to see to your guests as they arrive. One big item is getting out the guest list! I’ve assured Matt that I’ll invite everyone I always have and I hope you’ll pitch in to help too. The more peeps, the more party!

And one last thing. Thank you very much for coming to my virtual events and making them so much fun. It has been a privilege.

Summer blog party this Friday!

Hi everyone,

This Friday, June 9, I’m having my fourth virtual blog party. If it goes like the first three, we should have hundreds of visits and comments throughout the day as people check in to see who’s here, greet old friends, and ask or answer questions. I don’t claim this as my idea. It was originally suggested by Joy Acey and Matt Forrest. Here’s the link to the first party, which, by the way, lasted three days! .

I hope you will mark Friday on your calendar and plan to drop by my blog anytime during the day and return as often as you wish to keep up with the festivities. To let everyone know you’ve arrived, click on the little balloon in the upper right corner of the post, scroll to the bottom of the list, and post your comment.

Here is more information about Joy, who first came into my life at my 2011 Poetry Workshop in Honesdale, and Matt, who arrived in 2013.

Joy Acey is a childrens poet published in the Poetry Friday anthologies compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. Her poems have also appeared in Highlight’s High Five and Pockets magazine. She lives on Kauai with wild chickens and lots of rainbows. She loves adventure and to travel. She has over 2,000 poems and many writing exercises for children on her blog

Matt Forrest Esenwine’s children’s poetry can be found in numerous anthologies including Kenn Nesbitt’s One Minute Till Bedtime (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016), J. Patrick Lewis’ The National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry (National Geographic Children’s Books, 2015), and Lee Bennett Hopkins’ School People (Boyd’s Mills Press, 2018), as well as ‘Highlights for Kids’ magazine. Matt’s debut picture books, Flashlight Night (Boyd’s Mills Press), and Don’t Ask a Dinosaur (Pow! Kids Books), are scheduled for Sept. 2017 and Spring 2018 releases, respectively.

Matt Forrest Esenwine
Matt Forrest VoiceWorks (blog) (demos/samples)
(603) 660-6989

It’s party time!

Party time!

REMINDER: Party on, dudes. There’s too much cake left to quit now. I thought that Ruth took her gin with her but just now found in on the table beside Ken’s Couch Potato Salad. Matt, if you get my shirt wet one more time . . .

Hi everyone,
Today’s the day. I welcome one and all to join the fun by making your presence known so that others can greet you. Besides, if you brought brownies or other favorites, you’re sort of duty bound to speak up.
If you haven’t been to my back yard before, take your time to look around. The lake at the foot of the yard has no official name that I know of, but I call it Goose Lake. You can take the steps down to the water for a closer look. If you walk quietly, you’ll probably scare a dozen or more turtles off the rocks along the base of the wall. If you’re quicker than I am, maybe you can get a picture before they splash into the water en masse.
The grill has gas in it if anyone wants to flip burgers or some other delicacy. The lounges are getting old and we’re going to replace them this summer but they still make a perfect place for naps.

Our pool isn’t large but it offers a great way to relax.20150628_124933 It’s only four feet deep so I just walk around in it and sip on whatever I find in my hand.

You’ll find benches here and there plus five tables with chairs. We have three hackberry trees, two maples, and a cherry so you’ll find shade when you need it.

We have plenty of coolers, the fridge is available in the kitchen. Come and go as you like. If you forgot your swimsuit, you can just zip home and get it.

I’m glad you came. Welcome!