Nine Poets at Noon

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow at noon EST, Charlesbridge, spearheaded by Donna Spurlock, Director of Marketing, is hosting a virtual in-booth program dubbed NINE POETS AT NOON. I’m delighted to be one of the poets. The event is part of School Library Journal’s “Day of Dialog” conference, which also kicks off tomorrow (October 15) and will be available through December 15. For information about the free event, here’s the link.

Each poet has five minutes and will stand by for questions and answers. I’ll present two poems, “Copperhead,” from NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T, and “The Spider,” from A PLACE TO START A FAMILY. In each case I’ll read the poem, show slides, discuss how the poem was conceived and constructed, and suggest activities to challenge young students to write their own poems. Each poet will follow that general format so the program should be fun and informative. I hope you can be there and encourage others to join in.

Outstanding Science Trade Book List for A PLACE TO START A FAMILY

Hi everyone,

A PLACE TO START A FAMILY (Charlesbridge, 2018) — about structures animals create in which to start their families — has been chosen for the 2019 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books list. This is my second partnership with Giles Laroche, who also illustrated 2017’s NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T, also Charlesbridge. Both were edited by Karen Boss who told me that this year five Charlesbridge titles made it on the list.

I’m delighted to see A PLACE TO START A FAMILY recognized by science teachers. PIRATES was honored by VOYA, NOW YOU SEE THEM was voted best children’s nonfiction book of 2017 by Society of Midland Authors, and now A PLACE TO START is being honored. All three books are science-based poetry so I’m especially happy about that.

New translation

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my copies of a new Chinese translation of A PLACE TO START A FAMILY. I’m delighted to add this one to the Korean translation that came out recently. I’m always happy to see my work in a language I can’t read, knowing that there are many others who can.

Young praying mantis

Hi everyone,

Changing the subject from recent days, here’s a little character I took as it slowly made its way down the outside door facing when we were sitting on the patio last night. I’ve turned the picture sideways to show it off better. Here’s a poem to go with it. Not a perfect fit but maybe it will do.

Praying Mantis

If I could roar
Like a dinosaur,
I wouldn’t have to
Hang on plants,
Putting up
With pesky ants.

If I could run
Like a dinosaur,
I wouldn’t have to
Sit so still,
I’d lunge and leap
To get my fill.

But I can’t roar
Like a dinosaur,
Cannot gallop
After prey,
I have to wait
If it takes all day.

(c) David L. Harrison
Reprinted from Now You See Them,
Now You Don’t. From Charlesbridge.