Making new friends


Hi everyone,

I haven’t named it yet. Any thoughts?


Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

I’m home again and back in the wheel. I lost some sleep at the conference so I gave myself half an hour more rest this morning.

I had some unusual questions from kids at this festival. One asked about my favorite publisher. Another wanted to know if the blank verse of Shakespeare had any impact on my writing. I was impressed!

This year Vivian Vande Velde couldn’t make it to the festival and she always takes pictures to share with the rest of us. Bill Anderson volunteered to be our roving photographer so I expect some candid pictures from him before long. I’ll share some of them if Bill hasn’t already.

Several teachers who attended the festival with their students expressed interest in participating in the Scholastic book with Mary Jo Fresch so I look forward to their input in the coming weeks. While waiting for teacher input, I’ll get back to other projects that need some attention. I have two meetings today but expect to spend most of the rest of it starting to catch up.

Home tonight

Hi everyone,
These children’s literature festivals make you feel like a kid again! This is the final day of this one. Yesterday went smoothly except that the room was crowded and got a little warm. We couldn’t open a window but a fan helped. This morning seemed to come early and the maid has forgotten to restock my coffee so decaf is going to have to do for now.

My schools today are Smithton R-VI, Parkade Elementary, Westran Middle School, Sni-A-Bar, Hale R-1, and Pilot Grove. Yesterday the kids ranged from 3rd to 8th grade so I expect more of the same today. I’m ready when they are.

Bring on the kids

Hi everyone,

Today and tomorrow will be busy ones but fun as groups of young students, grades 4-6, come for forty-five minutes at a time to hear some of their favorite authors and illustrators.

I plan to ask the teachers who accompany their kids if they might be interested in contributing to the book I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch. Our deadline is looming and this is a great opportunity.

I hope your week is a good one.


A room full of friends and books

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of reading more than a thousand notes that came in around the time of my surgery. I feel awful about missing so many wonderful thoughts and more than a few queries that have gone unanswered. If you are one who wondered why I never responded, a thousand pardons.

The picture you see warmed my heart when I was here instead of there in Warrensburg with my friends and all those kids. Around this table of smiling faces you are looking at an enormous pool of talent. Some of the finest writers and illustrators in America are lifting a glass to cheer me, and it worked! Thank you, my friends.