My calendar is free

Hi everyone,

I’ve just resigned from my last board. My term expired on the Highlights Foundation board of trustees. I never attended a meeting in person. For me it was always by conference phone. Honesdale is a bit far to travel for a two hour meeting. It was a privilege to serve with that group, which includes Chris Cully, Editor in Chief of Highlights, and Clay Winters, former president of Boyds Mills Press, and learn about what it takes to create the Highlights Workshops that attract so many writers and illustrators each year from the United States and abroad.

My thanks to Kent Brown for nominating me when he was executive director of the foundation, and to his son and the new executive director, George Brown. The new board members bring strong backgrounds to the table and I’m confident that the foundation will continue to flourish and fulfill its mission to support children’s literature by supporting those who create it.

For the first time since the 1980s I serve on no board or steering committee. My active years as a volunteer spanned thirty-six years. As I move toward reducing my week-day work schedule from sixty hours to thirty-five, it makes sense to trim back in other areas to help accommodate the new order.

Onward and upward, everyone!