Awakening the Writer Within

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Jennifer Moore sent us the link to the video we made last week on Ozark Public Television. This is the program she hosted called AWAKENING THE WRITER WITHIN. It included three panelists, Jennifer Murvin, Dave Malone, and me.

If you would like to watch the one-hour show, or know someone who might, here’s where to find it.

Awakening the Writer Within | Sense of Community
Discussion of writing techniques

Once again, my thanks to Jennifer Moore for initiating and hosting the program. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Jennifer Murvin and Dave Malone.

A TV program for writers

Hi everyone,

This morning at 11:00 I’ll be taping a three-person panel for Ozark Public Television, which is broadcast from Missouri State University.

The program will be hosted by Jennifer Moore and the title is “Awakening the Writer Within.” We will focus on local resources for writers and tips on how to be productive and successful.

The other two guests are Dave Malone, a poet who teaches at MSU-West Plains and Jennifer Murvin, who teaches creative writing and memoir at MSU. The show, which will last about an hour, will be aired at 8:00 tomorrow night (Thursday) on Ozark Public Television. Join us if you can.