A great way to start a Saturday

    Hi everyone,

    Running a bit late this morning. Sandy and I sat out by the lake with coffee and cereal and enjoyed the morning breeze. I couldn’t get motivated to leave that spot.

    Yesterday I took a picture of a yellow-winged mayfly freshly emerged and clinging to a window so it seemed to be hanging in space. I worried that a bird would break its neck rushing after such a succulent looking meal. Today the bug is gone and there are no bird bodies so either the mayfly flew away or it became the meal of a more worldly bird than I had imagined. Sadly, I’ve just learned that my picture file is full from so many years of posting so I have to figure out how to make more room or delete some of the older pictures. Hopefully, I can add the mayfly a little later today.


Listening to the pitter patter

    Hi everyone,

    Sunday afternoon as we finished planting some geraniums we felt the first sprinkles of rain. The sky had been warning us to hurry and thunder claps added exclamatory remarks.

    Jennifer Murvin, on the panel the other day we talked about prompts. This one works well for me.

    We poured something over ice and took chairs just outside our door where we were protected from the rain and sat there enjoying the thunderstorm until it eventually passed on by. There’s something about the sound of falling rain, even when the drops are hitting the water in our pool. Ahhh.

Yesterday’s radio talk show

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Sandy and I had a good time on Larry Freund’s show along with co-host David Eslick.

Our thanks to Larry for inviting us. Sandy fielded questions about her years as a high school counselor and how much she enjoyed working with students, teachers, and parents. She also responded to questions about our gift store, Gamble’s Gifts, and talked about our most important lines, including Waterford Crystal, Lladro, Vietri, Thymes, and gurgle pots, as well as the hard work of going to markets year after year to seek new trends and products to keep customers coming back. She doesn’t know how many markets she has attended but in the thirty-three years we’ve owned the store she estimates the number at over seventy markets in Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, and Las Vegas.

One point Sandy made was that the store is open even though the entire shopping center is under dramatic renovation and gives the appearance that no one could possibly be conducting business under such circumstances. Here’s what we’re dealing with these days, and will be for another several months.

During my parts, I mostly talked about books and literacy and my new releases. I even had a chance to read a poem from A PLACE TO START A FAMILY and two from CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS.

Again, our thanks to Larry and David.