Open day so who knows . . .

Hi everyone,

Today is Saturday so I won’t be on the computer much. Rules and agreements and such. I don’t know what the plans are but will undoubtedly be informed on an as need to know basis.

I need to buy new gym shoes for sure. Yesterday on one of the cycle machines the sole came off my right shoe and the toe guard began peeling away on the left one. The only thing I like about the gym is that superior feeling you have when you leave. It’s akin to leaving the dentist after getting your teeth cleaned. I usually only work out for half an hour so it’s not too bad. I start at the machine where you press out weights with your legs. From there I go around the room, usually for only ten to twenty pushes or lifts or pulls, depending on the machine. I either finish or begin by pedaling for ten minutes (a little under two miles) and head triumphantly back to the condo to rest and feel holier than thou for a while until somebody wants to go back out and sit in the sun and I start whining again.

My Word of the Month poem for June

Hi everyone,

My poem for June inspired by YOU.

You are the one
who makes me smile,
who makes my life
seem more worthwhile.

You are the one
who’s always there,
who makes my troubles
easier to bear.

You are the one
who pushes back,
keeps me from wandering
off the track.

You are the one who
till the end
will always be
my cherished friend.

You are the one.
You are the one.
You are the one.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison