Baiting up

Hi everyone,

Got a query yesterday from an acquisitions editor at an educational house who asked if Mary Jo Fresch and I might be interested in writing a book for them. Too early to do any dancing, but it did add an uptick to the day. We have one now that has been out for a while with readers and we expect to hear something any day now. It’s good to have some hooks in the water. I have others out there with Jane Yolen and also with Sandy Asher, plus a number of my own. It keeps me hoping every morning that this is going to be the day!


Home again

Hi everyone,

Back home to Goose Lake. Thanks to friends and house watchers, our patio is ablaze with color in spite of the intense heat and lack of rain lately. It’s always good to be home.
Today I’ll dive into the poetry article I may have mentioned. I didn’t have some of my notes in Florida so it had to wait. I have two days to get started on it before ILA.

Wrapping up

Hi everyone,

Last day of goo foffing. It has been grand. We’ve had glorious weather and I haven’t set an alarm since we got here, but it’s nearly time to go home and climb back into the wheel.

I’ll have two days to get set for ILA in Austin. That one starts this Friday. I look forward to seeing Susan Hutchins there plus other good friends. And I’m eager to get with Mary Jo Fresch again. Haven’t seen her in ages. We’ll have fun co-presenting our two-hour workshop on Sunday.