New book signing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday SANDY and I ate at Great Southern restaurant in Seaside, four miles from our place. Later we walked next door to Sundog Books, the famous store in the area. I nearly always sign sometime when we’re here.

I met with my old friend LANEY BLANCHARD and we agreed on Wednesday, March 8, at 11;00 a.m. CT. Visiting authors are seated on the front porch and sign for people who make their purchases inside. I look forward to adding another good experience at Sundog. The pictures are some taken from past signings.


Hi everyone,

Yesterday I read and loved every one of your comments. From start to finish it was a fine day. I’m grateful to each of you for making my celebration an occasion to long remember.

I also took a picture of a new rose blossoming in the bed outside our patio door.

And the sunset was spectacular.

And I was reminded that sometimes the things we do may have merit and make us proud of ourselves, but they can never match the accomplishments of the natural world around us, where quiet miracles happen every minute of every day. I’ve had my fun. Time to get back to work.

Celebrate Literacy Award

Hi everyone,

I’m honored to announce that I’ve just received the ILA/MLA Celebrate Literacy Award. Two awards were given for 2023. Here’s the announcement.

I’m grateful to SAM BOMMARITO and GLENDA NUGENT (co-editors of Missouri Reader, and Sam just finished a term as president of MLA) for nominating me for the recognition. I believe that a video is being created to explain more about the award. I’ll let you know if I see it. I am truly delighted.

Adjusting as we go

Hi everyone,

So here we are. We left Springfield on Monday morning headed to Dallas to change planes for a connection to Fort Walton and the one hour drive to the condo, scheduled to arrive at 3:00 p.m.

From Dallas we reached Fort Walton but couldn’t land because of poor visibility and were diverted to Charlotte, N.C. We eventually got to bed in a hotel at 3:00 a.m. CT.

Up at 9:30, missed breakfast beyond one cup of coffee and an unheated muffin. Off to the airport and wings up, after being stalled on the tarmac for more than half an hour, at 1:00 or so and touched down at Fort Walton by mid-afternoon. We drove our rental car to the condo and walked in slightly more than twenty-four hours after we had expected to.

I worked yesterday morning and kept my Zoom date with kids at Pirates Read through Parkview University in Missouri. This morning we’ll take Jeff back to the airport so he can catch a flight to Las Vegas to hook up with friends for a few days. We keep Petey the dog with us.

So far the goo foffing is not living up to expectations! But we’re here, that’s not at all a bad thing.

The word for February’s Word of the Month Poetry Challenge is …

Hi everyone,

With thanks to JOY ACEY for providing YOU for January, here is the word of the month for February: US. I’m eager to see what you/we do with us.

We had some exceptional poems in January. I think we’re making a lot of good poetry and getting our exercises to work in our favor. Thanks everyone. Keep it up!