Off and hopping

Hi everyone,

AND THE BULLFROGS SING is off to a good start. As of this morning it ranks #30 among frog and toad books. This opening surge may not last but it’s fun for now. Of the 29 titles ahead of mine, all but five are fictionalized stories, including a good many FROG AND TOAD books by Arnold Lobel, so I’m happy about the early running of my science-based telling of the life cycle of bullfrogs. That’s a good sign that informational books on this subject may be hard to find. I’m grateful to Grace Maccarone at Holiday House for working with me on this one and to artist Kate Cosgrove for making these frogs nearly hop off the pages into your lap.

To everyone who has been kind enough to post pictures and early news about receiving your books, thank you! As we all know, early hype makes a world of difference in how a book will eventually perform. Reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly are helping, and I hope to see more professional as well as reader reviews begin to come in. It’s all a process and one must wait step by step for it all to happen.

Yesterday I finished a new science-based nonfiction book and sent it off to my agent. I also added some final requested tweaks to the manuscript of my next book, which will come out in spring 2020. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful book. Once again I’m being blessed with a splendid artist.

It’s a prose kind of day

BULLETIN: AND THE BULLFROGS SING is currently #1 New Release in Children’s Reptile & Amphibian Books.
Reminder: Today is the delayed publication date for AND THE BULLFROGS SING.

Hi everyone,

I almost slept in this morning. I dreamed about poetry all night and I’m tired. People who are not part of my poetry life invaded my dreams. They demanded that I write projects that had no hope of going anywhere and one wanted a book with every poem I’ve ever written in it. I knew better but started a search anyway. All that saved me was when I had to get up to answer nature’s call.

Maybe this should be a day when I write only prose. I hope to finish up a nonfiction picture book — which is in prose — so I’ll get to that shortly and give my rhyme schemes a day off.

Goose Lake in bloom

Hi everyone,

Many thanks to all who signed my guest book yesterday on my website. I read and appreciated each one.

Like so many others, our yard is ablaze with color these days. I took these quick shot on an overcast day. I know I should have waited for more sun but around here we never know when the next hard wind and rain will come along and knock off the blossoms. Hope you enjoy these.

There are lots more.

A signing, a favor, and a good week ahead

Hi everyone,

Yesterday’s signing went fine. I ran over by half an hour and had to leave to meet someone who was coming by the house. I brought home the rest of the books, signed them here, and took them back to drop off at the store after my meeting.

I wonder if I could ask a favor. If you’ve not signed my guest book, please consider doing it. I forget to ask. Go to my website at, click on guest book, and leave a note. Thanks!

Good week coming up. Jeff’s coming home for a visit, I should finish a new manuscript by mid-week, and get started on a new venture immediately after. There’s more but I’ll tell you about that later in the week.

Book signing today

Hi everyone,

I’ll be signing AND THE BULLFROGS SING today at Barnes & Noble from 11:00 – 1:00. Come by if you’re out and about.

I’ll also be signing all the copies that were pre-ordered and pre-paid by parents at David Harrison Elementary and McBride Elementary. They can pick up their copies today and any that remain at the store will be delivered to the schools on Monday.

Have a good weekend. I hope you don’t get stormed on where you live.