All caught up

Hi everyone,

I got in some sneak-writing yesterday and it made up for the slow week. All turned out according to schedule so I’m a happy guy.

On a sadder note, it’s time to have the pool covered. Leaves are blowing in faster than we can scoop them out. How I miss the time of year when there’s so much life and spontaneity around the water. I’m already dreaming about next spring.

Enjoy the day. Pay no attention to the old grump at Goose Lake.

Another week, another weekend, another Monday coming…

Hi everyone,

Only got 2 1/2 poems done this week but each one counts. Sounds better when I say that counting the nine already completed, I have 11 1/2 down and only 38 1/2 to go. The interview with BONNIE BELL was fun. Turn out she was taping it to be aired later, probably the first week in October. More about that when I know the details.

I hope you have a good weekend. I plan to get some rest.

Out back after dark

Hi everyone,

I have no idea what made me think of this today. Memories are wondrous sources of inspiration.

You tried to plan the trip before full dark. 
The walk out back by night was never good.
Once inside with flesh on hard cold wood,
you held your breath as long as you possibly could,
and vowed next time to plan before full dark.

Lantern light was ghostly after dark.
Shadows in the corners danced on walls.
A prisoner of our needs when nature calls,
sounds amplified like waterfalls,
vowing never again after dark.

The odor pinched the nostrils after dark.
Stink dwelled in every ancient plank.
Every molecule of air stank.
Of all spots on Earth, most evil rank.
But still sometimes you had to go by dark.

(c) 2022 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

One more step toward a new book

Hi everyone,

Thank you, Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader, for the swell picture

On Friday I received and signed off on the final contract for an upcoming book with Holiday House. The book is not new news. I agreed to terms several months ago and have, since then, gone through the process of revisit and revise. This just makes it complete and means that now the project can go to the artist. I submitted the manuscript in October 2019 so it has come a long way since then.

Now comes artwork (and I love the artist!) and then, one day, perhaps a year or so from now, a book will come out and it will all look so inevitable. Easy!

I also want to mention that CORY CORRADO suggested it would be nice to copy and paste the September ZIP poems that were posted here on Page One the first day the new word went up. She worries that not enough readers will have a chance to admire some very good poems. That Cory! I’ve now done as she suggests — thank you, Cory — so you’ll find the whole group posted under Adult W.O.M. Poems.