I can do this

Hi everyone,

I’m ending the week behind where I need to be. I’m thrilled about the new book and delighted with the review of RUM PUM PUM and the article in THE CALIFORNIA READER, but I need this day to be two days. I was sure I could meet my deadline of finishing the book I’m working on by the end of January but at this rate I’ll miss it by at least two weeks. I’m taking a small break to relax before I get to work. I can do this.

RUM PUM PUM reviewed in Florida Literacy Journal

Hi everyone,

My thanks to NILE STANLEY, poet and Chair, Department of Childhood Education at University of North Florida, for reviewing, RUM PUM PUM in the latest issue of The Florida Literacy Journal. JANE YOLEN and I co-wrote the story, richly illustrated by ANJAN SARKAR, and published by Holiday House in 2020. Nile is a former editor of the Florida Reading Quarterly and founder and chair of the annual Poetry Olio of the Conference of the International Literacy Association.

In his review, he states, “This is a book that children will want to experience again and again. The book lends itself naturally to storytelling because the plot is engaging, simple, and fast-paced…I found the experiences of teaching the book to children equally satisfying through the techniques of visual storytelling, read aloud, and literary storytelling. I eagerly introduced the book to a large group of aged 3 to 5 preschoolers with a picture walk through the book.”

Thank you, Nile. I hope our paths will cross again one of these days, at a conference or elsewhere.

Op-ed article in California Reading Journal

Hi everyone,

The winter issue of California Reading Journal is out and I’m happy to be in it with an article called “Poetry for All.” You have to be a member to see it but for those who are, it starts on page 24. My thanks to editor NANCY ROGERS-ZEGARA, past president of The California Reading Association, for including me in this issue. An earlier version of the piece first appeared in The Robb Review, Education Blog, hosted by EVAN and LAURA ROBB.

New book contract

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to say that the contract for a new book of poetry is on its way. The good news came last week and now it’s official. The tentative pub date is Fall 2024 so that gives me something to look forward to!

Beauty within

Hi everyone,

Our pool cover bellies down during winter beneath the mounting weight of rain water. It’s nasty looking though birds, squirrels, and the neighbor’s cat don’t mind drinking from it. We hate looking at it, but when temperatures drop enough to freeze the water, we are reminded that even ugly may hold be beauty within.