Walking to oblivion

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I watched a carpenter bee walking along the edge of our pool. It could no longer fly although what remained of its wings were whipping the air the best they could.

I don’t know much about carpenter bees but honeybees only last two or three weeks when they are assigned to the field to bring in nectar, pollen, and water for the hive. By then their wings and body give out and they perish.

Sweet dreams

Hi everyone,

Our thanks to Herman Johansen for inviting us to join his party last night at the Springfield Cardinals game against Tulsa Drillers. The Cards lost but it was a good game on a perfect night for baseball. Even at my age now I still long to throw a baseball again. I used to love to pitch. Every now and then I run across my high school letter in baseball and it brings back a lot of memories. I was never good at working out to get into shape before a season started. I didn’t have many friends who wanted to catch me. But I took summer jobs that helped build strength: unloading boxcars of bricks and sacks of cement, pouring concrete, working with a jackhammer, offloading concrete blocks from racks and stacking them. I always assured coach I was ready for the school season but truth is I nearly always played my way into shape starting with the first game.

It’s always good to see Herman. In addition to being a financial advisor, he’s a gifted actor and he has recently landed the leading role in a film to be shot in the Midwest. I look forward to seeing him in it! Herman, thanks again for last night and for the memories it stirred.

No matter what they call you . . .

Hi everyone,

To all you fathers, papas, pops, pappies, daddies, dadas, pas, paters, dads, pa-pas, granddads, grandpappies, grandpas, grandfathers, granddaddies, grandpapas, vaders, babas, yebbas, abbis, pás, aitas, pèders, otacs, pais, pares, pattris, opàs, das, daas, tátas, péres, patros, isa, faðirs, tatays, itays, tays, amas, banketis, papis, abbas, apas, apus, édesapas, faðirs, pabbis, athairs, daidís, bapa, ayah, paks, babbos, tevs, pradininkas, protevis, missiers, bàs, bàbas, and dozens of others,


Day three, going forward

Hi everyone,

Yesterday’s feeling that something good was coming turned out to be true. I started making plans for the NYC trip in the fall by making contact with some editors I’d love to see if they are available, and some keys ones will be. In the process I made a great new publishing contact. Now all I have to do is learn what he likes, write it the way he likes it, and get it to him at a time when he needs it. Piece of cake!

Early in the day I uncovered an old passion lingering unrequited in my files. I started it six years ago, wrote four poems, sent the idea to three editors, none of whom liked the subject, and then forgot about it. I hadn’t even bothered to write a proper proposal. I have no idea what I was expecting.

I spent the day happily engaged in revising three of the poems, discarding the fourth, and drafting a decent proposal to attach them to. I hope to finish it today.

So yes, Tuesday came through. The pressure is on you, Wednesday.

Wondering what today will bring

Hi everyone,

One down, four to go in this work week, and so far so good. Yesterday I finished a poem I started last week and unearthed an old proposal that had never been sent out. It was a pleasant, slow-paced day. I hope for more of the same today.

Do you ever get up with a feeling that something new is about to happen? This morning I keep thinking that any time something interesting is going to come my way. I’ll let you know if my tuition pans out.