Newest members of Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Sandy called me to join her on the patio. I got there in time to watch our fledgling wrens leaving their nest hidden in our flower pot. They came out one at a time, like feathery little explosions from a Roman candle. Each flew in the same direction, toward the kitchen door and upper deck where their parents waited to greet them. We’re not sure how many there were. Wrens can have from 3-10 eggs. I accounted for four. Even named them. World, meet our newest additions to Goose Lake!

In order of their appearance, I give you Clueless, Edith Ann, Peeping Tom, and Scaredy Bird.
When they start eating on their own, we’ll have fewer bugs around here.

While the excitement was going on below, above their heads the night crew rested. A few hours later their competitors for insects came on duty. By then the fledglings had settled down to spend their first night alone, without the comforting warmth and protection of mom on top of them.