Two favorite poems by Charles Ghigna

BULLETIN: Please see additional poems by Charles Ghigna, which he supplied and I added after this post went up this morning.

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I’m glad you enjoyed getting better acquainted yesterday with Steven Withrow. My thanks again to Steven for his informative essay. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

charles ghigna
Today I continue the series of bringing you poems selected from the titles I bought at the recent Friends of the Library book sale in Springfield. ANIMAL TRACKS, WILD POEMS TO READ ALOUD was written by well known poet Charles Ghigna and published by Harry Abrams in 2004. I featured Charles waaaaay back on May 7, 2010 ( ).

I’ve chosen two brief poems to share, “The Snail,” and “Fly Swatter.” My thanks to my friend, “Father Goose,” for letting me share his work.

by Charles Ghigna

Though he has no hands,
Only a tail,
Do not pity the lowly snail.

Though he has no pencil,
Or pen,
He leaves a message wherever he’s been.

(c) by Charles Ghigna, all rights reserved

by Charles Ghigna

The house is full of flies again,
I swat them for a penny
Until there aren’t any.
Then I open the door — for more.

(c) by Charles Ghigna, all rights reserved

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Charles answered the question concerning his total output of poems. He has now passed the 5,000 mark!!

He also asked if I would post the following three poems as examples of his more recent work. Gladly, Charles. Here they are:

My Tree House
by Charles Ghigna

Welcome to my tree house,
my free house,
my me house,

where I come to ponder,
to wonder,
to look up at the sky,

where I come to daydream,
to play dream,
to watch the clouds roll by,

where the air is fresher,
no pressure,
where treetops swish and sway,

where I come to look at
the books that
take me far away.

(c) by Charles Ghigna, all rights reserved

* * *

The Poet Tree
by Charles Ghigna

Among the tops of tulip trees
whose branches dance each spring,
there is a place of purple lace
where words like birds can sing.

Upon the breeze that stirs the leaves
in whispers made of air,
poems rise above the clouds
like songbirds singing there.

And if you listen close enough,
you can hear them too.
The trees are full of poetry
each time the wind blows through.

(c) by Charles Ghigna, all rights reserved
* * *

The Poet Tree House
by Charles Ghigna

Let’s build poems
made of rhyme
with words like ladders
we can climb,
with words that like
to take their time,

words that hammer,
words that nail,
words that saw,
words that sail,
words that whisper,
words that wail,

words that open
window door,
words that sing,
words that soar,
words that leave us
wanting more.

(c) by Charles Ghigna, all rights reserved

Friends of the Library Book Sale

Hi everyone,

For those of you book, music and movie lovers who are within driving distance of Springfield, be sure you go to the Friends of the Library Book Sale Tuesday-Sunday, April 21-26, at Remington’s, 1655 W. Republic Road.

Tuesday-Friday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. – Half Price Day
Sunday: 1-5 p.m – $1 and $5 Bag Day

Cash or check only; credit cards are not accepted at this time.
Proceeds benefit the ten library branches, programs and the Mobile Library, which was purchased by the Friends for the Library District in spring 2011.

Sandy and I went and I brought home quite a haul. For $26 I purchased FOOTPRINTS ON THE ROOF, by Marilyn Singer; MOON, HAVE YOU MET MY MOTHER?, the collected works of Karla Kuskin; THE BEST POEMS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, edited by Harold Bloom; MRS. COLE ON AN ONION ROLL, by Kalli Dakos; HEROES AND SHE-ROES, by J. Patrick Lewis; RING OF EARTH, by Jane Yolen; BOW BOW MEOW MEOW, by Douglas Florian; ANIMAL TRACKS, by Charles Ghigna; and an Advance uncorrected proof of XANADU 2, selected and edited by Jane Yolen. I picked up a copy of EDGAR ALLAN POE: A GUIDE FOR READERS YOUNG AND OLD, for which I wrote the foreword, but put it down. Now I wish I’d bought it.

Is that a haul or what? Sandy picked up five CDs for one dollar each so we’re already enjoying those.

Someone could win a book

REMINDER: Today is the first day of the Friends of the Library Book Sale. I posted about it a few days ago but here’s the link to refresh your memory. If you live in the area, try to get by and take advantage of the bargains.

BULLETIN: Here’s a reading must. It’s Cheryl Harness’s Nonfiction Minute about Dolley Madison. It’s history come alive as only Cheryl tells it.

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Many of you know about a group called Teaching Authors (Six Authors Who Also Teach Writing). My thanks to one of their members, Carmela Martino, for featuring a Halloweenish poem of mine in her October 17 post: Reaching Reluctant Readers, Poetry Friday, and CWIM Giveaway. Here’s the link. . Someone will win a copy of the book, BUGS, when the drawing takes place 11 days from now.

Carmela has written an article for 2015 CHILDREN’S WRITER’S AND ILLUSTRATOR’S MARKET so you can also find out how you might win a copy of that.

My thanks to Carmela for choosing my poem to include in her post. If you haven’t gone over to become acquainted, this is a good chance.


Good books for wowzer prices!

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For those of you close enough to Springfield to take advantage of a truly wonderful event, here’s the scoop from Kathleen O’Dell.

Announcing the Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Oct. 21-26.
The big book sale (and CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and more!) is Tuesday, Oct. 21, through Sunday, Oct. 26, at Remington’s, 1655 W. Republic Road.

For times and details call 417-872-5149 or visit IMG_6635

Adult, young adult and children’s books and most audiovisual items are $1 or less; better books are $2 and up. Cash or check only. It’s the biggest used and like-new book sale in the region!IMG_6637

So, friends and neighbors, bring yourselves and your money and snap up huge bargains at Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale, October 21-26.

One year when I walked in, about the first book I found was one of my own. Hmmm. Well of course I bought it!