The fine art of Goo Foffing

Hi everyone,

I thought I should mention that Goo Foffing season is at hand. Judging from the increased e-mail activity from anonymous senders lately, I think it could begin quite soon.

For the uninitiated, goo foffing refers to the general state of setting aside a certain amount of the day (= 24 hours) to enjoy life, listen to the waves, and forget to wait until 5:00.

I will maintain the usual 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. working hours and remain in touch as usual. But goo foffing season has a way of playing occasional tricks on schedules and good intentions.

May the turtles be with you.

What time is it? It’s goo foffing time!

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day of an official goo foffing period. Most of you know the drill by now. I might not be in touch as often as usual and I might be guilty of letting my mind out of the wheel more often to wonder about other things. I’ll still report to work each morning at 6:00, but little gets done after other folks start stirring for the day.

I’ll post some pictures so you’ll know I’m out and about. If my posts fall off, please make yourselves at home browsing through some of the past posts. Stay safe and be well.

Counting down

Hi everyone,

My official goo foffing status is winding down. It has been great fun to relax with loved ones and it isn’t over yet but only a few days remain before I’ll climb back into the cage.

For the past few mornings I’ve been working on an outline for a story but I’m not pushing very hard. Still, it’s always nice to be considering a new idea. I won’t be far enough along to start the writing before we leave but it won’t be much longer now.