Other guests at the party

    Hi everyone,

    Last night we ate out by the lake. The air was cool so we took advantage of the fire pit. As we enjoyed our meal, we noticed that several small insects were attracted by the flames, mostly little moths that flew around the fire or landed nearby, including on us. When we finished and I stood to turn off the fire pit for the evening, I discovered this mantis perched on the adjoining table two feet from the flames. I don’t know if it was attracted by the fire or by the opportunity to grab a free snack. One never knows who is sharing the feast around Goose Lake.

Unhappy Hour

Hi everyone,

Saw this little drama take place yesterday and thought you might enjoy it too.

The Wrong Flower

A monarch chose a brilliant flower
Just in time for Happy Hour.
The blossom was a true colossus,
It would take her whole proboscis.
She should have seen the warning sign.
No one else was there to dine.
She found the petals rather stiff,
As for nectar, not a whiff.
She quickly left for something better.
This joint was going to get a letter.

© 2018 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved