Paid for in rupees

Hi everyone,

Here’s what arrived in my mail yesterday, all the way from HarperCollins in India in five days. I was impressed! I am grateful to my contacts at Collins, Romila Saha and Abhijit Dutta, for walking me through the process.

I am proud to have my poem (“My Book!”) appear in a text in India for students who are learning English. Following the poem are lists of questions and activities for the teacher to use.


Counting my rupees

Hi everyone,

I’ve accepted a request from HarperCollins Publishers India to reprint one of my poems in an upcoming set of English school textbooks. The poem is one that gets around. “My Book!” first appeared in SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK, published in 1993 by Boyds Mills Press. My payment for the reprint will be in rupees so I’ll have to make arrangements for the exchange.
The last similar experience was a reprint request from Editions Didier in France for the poem, “It’s Me,” that was first published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in LITERATURE AND THE CHILD. For that one I had to jump through hoops to change francs to dollars and avoid paying taxes in France instead of the United States.