Lunch with the Ashers

Hi everyone,

You all know Sandy Asher or know about her plays, novels, poetry, and educational books. She and I bring you the WRTITERS AT WORK series and we’ve worked together on several other projects including her play based on my work called SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK and a book we wrote together called JESSE AND GRACE (with a editor now). Earlier we did an anthology for boys called DUDE! We’ve also presented together numerous times, especially in the days when we created a live program that featured books for young people to encourage a joy for reading.

Sandy and Harvey lived in Springfield while raising their family. Harvey taught history at Drury and Sandy was Drury’s Writer in Residence. They moved to Pennsylvania so we rarely see one another these days. That’s why it’s such a pleasure that they’re in town regarding Sandy’s work and we’re getting together for lunch today.

Harvey Asher’s new book

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, Sandy Asher and I have partnered on numerous projects over the years. Her husband, Harvey Asher, has just completed an exhaustive, informative work that I want you to know about. I don’t think Sandy or Harvey will mind that I’m copying and pasting a recent message that she sent out. It sums up the work better than I can. So here it is.

Dear friends,

One year ago, Harvey embarked on the adventure of creating essays for a blog, “America – The Owner’s Manual: How Your Country Really Works and How to Keep It Running,” drawing on his many years as an historian to offer “historical perspective on modern America.”

His goal was to complete the essays and publish them as an ebook before the November 6 election. And he did it! The final piece, “Playing with Fire: Paranoid Politics American Style” is October’s post on-line at . And the ebook, sporting the jacket art below, is available for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and all computers, plus for libraries, gift giving, you name it — for only 99c per copy — as follows:


All other formats: .

Barnes & Noble will post a direct link for their Nook soon, but why wait? You can get the Nook download now at

Readers, comments, questions, “likes,” “shares” and reviews on the above sites are all welcome and appreciated.


Harvey and Sandy

It’s Harvey’s turn

Hi everyone,

You know my friend and writing partner, Sandy Asher. Yesterday I reminded you about her talented son Ben Asher. Would you believe that Sandy’s husband Harvey Asher is also a gifted author? Talk about a multi-talented family! Harvey, who retired from Drury University after a distinguished career teaching in the history department, has been at work lately introducing his newest book, AMERICA –THE OWNER’S MANUAL: How Your Country Really Works & How to Keep It Running, one chapter per month by posting it on his blog.

This seems like a good week to brag on friends so I would not want to leave out Professor Asher and his remarkable look at the big picture of our country. I recommend the book and hope that you will look it up and start following the chapters as they unfold.

Here’s the link: .