More news from ILA

Hi everyone,

I mentioned the other day that the all day institute proposal to ILA for October this year has been accepted. Now the presentation proposal for Laura Robb, her son Evan Robb, and me has also been accepted. The good news is I’m on two programs. The bad news is I’ll have to prepare for two presentations. But I’m thrilled to have this kind of problem. The name of the second program is, “Poetry: A Surefire Way to Build a Love of Language and Improve Reading Comprehension Among Striving Readers.”

Blog tour #5 and ILA news

Hi everyone,

Today I’m grateful to Linda Baie for hosting the 5th stop on the blog tour to introduce AFTER DARK at TEACHER DANCE
I’m grateful to all who are visiting the tour each day and especially those kind souls who are hosting. I’m loving every stop along the way!

Elsewhere, I’m happy to report the institute that Mary Jo Fresch proposed for ILA in October has been accepted. This year’s conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio and I’m looking forward to participating in the all-day event. Here are the title and lineup of presenters. Thank you, Mary Jo!

Best practices in literacy instruction: A day with experts who will transform your teaching

Mary Jo Fresch
The Ohio State University
Dublin, OH
Ruth Culham
The Culham Writing Company
Beaverton, OR
Michael Ford
University of Wisconsin
Oshkosh, WI
David L. Harrison
Drury University
Springfield, MO
Lester Laminack
Western Carolina University
Dillsboro, NC
Lori Oczkus
Indpendent Literacy Consultant and Coach
Reno, NV
Gay Su Pinnell
The Ohio State University
Dublin, OH
Timothy Rasinski
Kent State University
Kent, OH
Laura Robb
Johnson Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA
Jerry Zutell
The Ohio State University
Grove City, OH

If you have plans to attend ILA this year or know of someone who might, I hope you’ll consider signing up for our institute and/or sharing the information with others!

ILA report

Hi everyone,

Home from Austin with many new good memories in spite of heat that reached 105-109 for record setting daily highs. Attendance was down somewhat but still several thousand people from here and abroad were there and it was time well spent.

I was grateful to Sandy for going with me and I know that Mary Jo was glad that Hank came too. The four of us have a good time together and when conference work kept Mary Jo and me busy, Sandy and Hank amused themselves sightseeing and shopping.

Mary Jo Fresch and I enjoyed doing a Facebook Live broadcast that has been viewed more then 8,400 times already, and on Sunday afternoon we had excellent attendance for our two-hour workshop. Also hooked up with Laura Robb to discuss a book we might do together and touched base with Glenda Nugent about the poetry article I’m writing for Missouri Reader. Had a good visit with Su Hutchens and talked her into contributing to my article about her experiences in using poetry in the classroom.

My thanks to the folks at Teacher Created Materials for their generous support and lovely breakfast on Sunday morning, and to my friends at Scholastic for their usual stellar author reception on Saturday evening as well as for putting us on Facebook Live and proving a signing time/space at their display area.

Home again

Hi everyone,

Back home to Goose Lake. Thanks to friends and house watchers, our patio is ablaze with color in spite of the intense heat and lack of rain lately. It’s always good to be home.
Today I’ll dive into the poetry article I may have mentioned. I didn’t have some of my notes in Florida so it had to wait. I have two days to get started on it before ILA.