Placing the blame on Steven Withrow

BULLETIN: I’ve finished my Italian Sonnet but have decided to wait until tomorrow (Sunday) to post. Builds suspense, don’t you know.

Hi everyone,
I started work on an Italian Sonnet (also called Petrarchan) today and it’s Steven Withrow’s fault.steven_withrow He shared with me a delightful, well-turned example of his own and I immediately wanted to write one too. If I can finish my poem by tomorrow, I’ll post it then. Otherwise, I’ll share it when I can.

Ground rules for this form include writing the first eight lines (Octave) rhyming ABBA ABBA. The first four lines introduce the subject and the second four expound or interject an issue or problem.

The remaining six lines (sestet) of an Italian Sonnet are presented with a different rhyme pattern, which can vary. Mine will rhyme CDEDCE. These lines comment on the problem or offer a solution.

My subject is the honeybee. Wish me luck.