Stories in old class pictures

Hi everyone,

Looking for a writing prompt? As I toiled over my filing these last few days I uncovered some pictures of my first and second grade classes where I began school in Ajo, Arizona.

I don’t remember a single face and only a few names from either group. I wonder how many are alive and where they are and what they’re doing today. Our classes weren’t large. I must have known all the kids, played with them, gone to their parties, had them to mine. I must have given each one a Valentine and faithfully tucked away the ones they gave me. I know that because my mother dutifully placed them all in scrapbooks.
Janie Cheaney

Wondering about my old school chums made me think of Janie Cheaney’s marvelous new book, SOMEBODY ON THIS BUS IS GOING TO BE FAMOUS, set to be released in a couple of weeks. Janie fills a bus with kids and brings them to life one by one until we know them all. I’ve read the book and can tell you that it’s beautifully done. But my lips are sealed about what happens. You’ll have to get a copy and read it yourself.

And isn’t that a great exercise? Create a cast of characters and make each one distinctly different in manner, size, quirks, dreams, fears . . . Throw in a reason for them being together, add some suspense, surprise your reading with how it ends, and you might wind up writing a book. Wouldn’t that be awful?