About June and Poetry Pals and conferences and poems

Hi everyone,

Have you tuned into “Poetry Pals,” the on-air 5-minute segments of readers reading children’s poetry being broadcast on KSMU Public Radio each Wednesday morning at 9:45 CST? The program is a collaboration of KSMU, Springfield-Greene County Library District, and me. I hope you’ll provide your support by listening to the program and sending the station comments of appreciation for what they are doing in care of News Director Jennifer Moore (jennifermoore@missouristate.edu ). You can hear the segments from anywhere in the world via the station’s website live streaming. Here again is how you can find it. Tomorrow will be the third in the series. I did the first one and yesterday I prerecorded a second episode that might be used at a later date. It’s great fun and I hope to see the audience continue to grow each week. Tell everyone you know! Here’s how to find the 5-minute program.
91.1 FM in Springfield
90.5 FM in Point Lookout/Branson;
90.3 FM in West Plains;
88.7 FM in Mountain Grove;
98.9 FM in Joplin;
103.7 FM in Neosho
And wherever you are you can find it at KSMU-Ozarks Public Radio live-streaming on its website, http://www.ksmu.org.

In other matters, NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) has now been cancelled for late this year, making it a clean sweep of all major conferences in 2020. The conference coordinators are going to attempt to carry on the best they can with online presentations so we’ll see how that goes. Fingers crossed for everyone concerned, including me.

Meanwhile, my thanks to Jeanne Poland and Jane Yolen for leading the way in this month’s poetry challenge. Great fun so far and I must say the guys are going to have to go some to keep up. I haven’t given enough thought yet to what I’ll write about but can already see that June is busting out all over. So in spite of it all, come one come all, and let’s make poems together. Teachers, if you need any last minute exercises for your students, please don’t forget the opportunity to post their work here.

My Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my Word of the Month poem inspired by our word: ZONE. I hope to see a lot more poems before the end of the month. So far we have eight thanks to Cory Corrado, Jeanne Poland, Bryn Strudwick, Jane Yolen, William Joe Pyles, Robert Schechler, Elizabeth Neubauer,, and Jane Heitman Healy.

The Road

Together down the road we go.
Where we’re going we don’t know.
Most prefer it nice and slow.
Some are in a hurry though.

Those who like a slower gait
Have no sense of running late.
If now and then they pause to wait,
The fun of getting there is great.

For others slowpokes make them groan.
Winning is all they’ve ever known.
To get there fast and first, alone,
They live inside the passing zone.

Together down the road we go.
Where we’re going we don’t know.
Most prefer it nice and slow.
Some are in a hurry though.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison
all rights reserved

Word of the Month update

Hi everyone,

For some reason the word for May — MOUSE — isn’t resonating with many of you. Through this morning we’ve had only five poems, counting mine, posted all month.

Interestingly, of the four other poets, Cory Corrado, Jeanne Poland, Bryn Strudwick, and Jane Yolen, three countries are represented, four if you count the time Jane spends in Scotland. Also, Susan Hutchens posted a mouse poem that I overlooked earlier.

Have I missed anyone? Sing out if you posted on a regular post rather than on Adult “W.O.M.” Poems because I might have missed you. Otherwise, let’s see more mouse-inspired poems, people! Squeak up!

The word of the month for September is . . .

Hi everyone,

Happy September 1st! Four months to go, which means, among numerous other things, four more word of the month challenges in 2017. I hope you’ll join me every month to make the most of these opportunities to stretch our own imaginations as we watch other poets stretch theirs.

Now that I think about it, I suggest STRETCH as our word for September. How’s that suit you?

On another subject, I heard yesterday from Joy Acey. She, Jeanne Poland, and Cory Corrado are enjoying Eileen Spinelli’s poetry retreat at the Barn in Honesdale. I first met all three at my first workshop there in 2011. I’m glad we’ve all remained in touch and those three worthy poets continue to journey to Pennsylvania now and then to refresh, reflect, and write.

Oomphing right along

Hi everyone,

My thanks to Jeanne Poland for providing such a fun word for August. So far we’ve had seven takers. Jane Yolen, Cheryl Harness, and Teresa Robeson posted their poems on the daily posts and Jeanne, Bryn Strudwick, Linda Boyden, and Karen Eastlund posted theirs on the Word of the Month page.

For anyone not familiar with the Word of the Month page, click on the “Adult W.O.M. Poems” box in the bar above the daily post. You can post your poem there anytime all month, see what others have done with the monthly word challenge, and leave a comment if you want to.

We also have a page for student poets that you reach by clicking on the “Young Poets W.O.M. Poems” box on the same bar. We don’t get as many student poems as we used to but now and then we’re blessed with a few and we always love to see the kids join us.

Thanks, everyone. Keep them coming!