First feet spotted on Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

An 80 degree afternoon in May.

I grant you I didn’t get to stay like that very long, but oh it was SO good for a few minutes! Thanks to Jeff it didn’t take as long as usual to get all the patio furniture out of the garage so now we’re almost ready for the season. Just a few more plants . .

Yay for May!!


Goose Lake hero

Hi everyone,

Jeff flew home to be with us at Jule’s visitation last night. It rained hard all morning and into the afternoon. As the two of us stood in the living room staring out at the rain we noticed that the original pair of mated toads in the pool had drowned and a new one was struggling to stay alive.

It was raining and we talked about what a pity it was that the toads can hop into the pool but can’t get out.

It was raining as Jeff kicked off his shoes, picked up an umbrella, and headed out to the pool.

It was raining when he rescued the remaining toad with a leaf scooper and carried it down the steps to safety, and then returned to lift out the two small bodies and set them on the grass.

Jeff put the leaf scooper away, shook the umbrella outside the door, and stepped inside to wipe his feet. Job well done, Son.

To market to market to buy something pretty

Hi everyone,

Jeff took this picture of Sandy in Las Vegas at the gift market. It’s his first time to go and one of the few times when I haven’t gone. Gift markets are grindingly hard. You are on your feet all day, in and out of showrooms that number in the hundreds or more (that’s not even the main building behind her in the picture), looking at thousands and thousands of gift products from all over the world, trying to decide which ones will go well in your store for your customers.

Sandy will be gone four nights. I spoke to her last night. We’d all watched the president’s address and they were about to head out for a late dinner. Before she left she stocked up on groceries. I could eat five meals a day and still have left overs.