Counting down the hours

Hi everyone,

There’s a saying about all good things and that applies to us today as we prepare to get back on the road tomorrow. We’ve had a fine time, as we always do, and we appreciate Tim Williams and Jennifer Harrison for “loaning” us their mates for the past week or so. Having our son and daughter with us is a wonderful treat.

I won’t be posting for a couple of days but I think I’ve done pretty well lately for someone who has been so busy goo foffing. With love and good wishes to all,

Goo foffing in good company

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Robin, Tim, and grandson Kris bid us farewell and flew back home. We loved having them with us for a wonderful week, something we look forward to each year. Here’s part of the group gathered around the pool for one last dip.
This morning I think I can finish my notes for ILA and get back to a manuscript I’m working on with Jane Yolen. This afternoon I hope to take Sandy shopping. Should be another good day.

Goose Lake hero

Hi everyone,

Jeff flew home to be with us at Jule’s visitation last night. It rained hard all morning and into the afternoon. As the two of us stood in the living room staring out at the rain we noticed that the original pair of mated toads in the pool had drowned and a new one was struggling to stay alive.

It was raining and we talked about what a pity it was that the toads can hop into the pool but can’t get out.

It was raining as Jeff kicked off his shoes, picked up an umbrella, and headed out to the pool.

It was raining when he rescued the remaining toad with a leaf scooper and carried it down the steps to safety, and then returned to lift out the two small bodies and set them on the grass.

Jeff put the leaf scooper away, shook the umbrella outside the door, and stepped inside to wipe his feet. Job well done, Son.