Leaving Oregon

Hi everyone,

We returned home yesterday from a seven day trip to see Jeff and Jennifer in Portland and Cannon Beach, Oregon. I’ll tell you about all our wonderful visit later but this morning I’m sad for all the people in Oregon, California, Colorado, and everywhere else who are being devastated by the unending, high-wind driven fires.

At J&J’s house at Cannon Beach, they have a majestic view of the valley from their back deck. On Tuesday we could already see smoke drifting in over the hills.

Here’s the same view two days later as we were leaving for Portland. And here is all we could see of downtown Portland yesterday as we headed to the airport. By then Portland had been judged the worst air quality of any major city in the world. Fires have already caused 500,000 people to evacuate or be prepared to, and small hamlets have been entirely wiped out. So very sad.

Day 12

Hi everyone,

On April 2 Sandy and I were exposed to someone who the following day began feeling bad, was tested for novel coronavirus, and on April 6 learned the test results were positive. The Greene County Health Department placed us under quarantine for two weeks from April 2 with instructions to take our temperatures and report them twice daily. We’d read that in most people the incubation period of Covid-19 is five days but can be up to 11.5 days and in some cases longer. Other than sitting in the back yard on pretty days and taking a walk around the lake once we’ve remained inside. Robin and Tim shopped for groceries for us so we’ve been well supplied with basics and we’ve kept in touch with Robin, Jeff, Jennifer, and friends frequently by phone, text, and e-mail.

If you can’t go out to play, being cooped up with your best friend isn’t that hard to do. Being together is what we promised each other when we started our life as a couple. Today is Day 12 since the exposure. Neither of us has developed any symptoms and our temperatures remain within the normal range. After the first few days our worry factor subsided considerably and although we continue to be concerned, we feel safer with each passing day. Our quarantine period ends at midnight on April 16, and it will be wonderful to be free to leave the house again for groceries or meds, but we’ll wear the nifty masks Su Hutchens made for us and continue to observe the stay-at-home order.

It’s all in the arrangement

Hi everyone,

One of my favorite pictures is the one Jeff took of me sitting atop a large boulder in the sand on a beach not far from Cannon Beach in Oregon. I’ve shown it to you numerous times over the years.

The other day when Jeff and Jennifer were walking that beach they discovered that the segments of the rock have tumbled onto the beach, victim, we suppose, of high tides eroding the sand below it.

These large boulders are impressive, but nothing like they were stacked in the specific way that made them stand out from all the rest of the outcroppings along the beach. Makes me think of words, each good alone, but at their best when a writer figures out how to put them together to achieve the greatest effect.

It’s a Weber!

Hi everyone,

A long time ago the wolf became a dog and the dog became a hairless Chihuahua. Just so, the bold hunter of old discovered fire and fire led him to beaming with joy to receive this splendid gift for Father’s Day. With love and thanks to Robin, Tim, Jeff, and Jennifer. Throwing spears never suited me anyway.

Counting down the hours

Hi everyone,

There’s a saying about all good things and that applies to us today as we prepare to get back on the road tomorrow. We’ve had a fine time, as we always do, and we appreciate Tim Williams and Jennifer Harrison for “loaning” us their mates for the past week or so. Having our son and daughter with us is a wonderful treat.

I won’t be posting for a couple of days but I think I’ve done pretty well lately for someone who has been so busy goo foffing. With love and good wishes to all,