It’s all in the arrangement

Hi everyone,

One of my favorite pictures is the one Jeff took of me sitting atop a large boulder in the sand on a beach not far from Cannon Beach in Oregon. I’ve shown it to you numerous times over the years.

The other day when Jeff and Jennifer were walking that beach they discovered that the segments of the rock have tumbled onto the beach, victim, we suppose, of high tides eroding the sand below it.

These large boulders are impressive, but nothing like they were stacked in the specific way that made them stand out from all the rest of the outcroppings along the beach. Makes me think of words, each good alone, but at their best when a writer figures out how to put them together to achieve the greatest effect.

It’s a Weber!

Hi everyone,

A long time ago the wolf became a dog and the dog became a hairless Chihuahua. Just so, the bold hunter of old discovered fire and fire led him to beaming with joy to receive this splendid gift for Father’s Day. With love and thanks to Robin, Tim, Jeff, and Jennifer. Throwing spears never suited me anyway.

Counting down the hours

Hi everyone,

There’s a saying about all good things and that applies to us today as we prepare to get back on the road tomorrow. We’ve had a fine time, as we always do, and we appreciate Tim Williams and Jennifer Harrison for “loaning” us their mates for the past week or so. Having our son and daughter with us is a wonderful treat.

I won’t be posting for a couple of days but I think I’ve done pretty well lately for someone who has been so busy goo foffing. With love and good wishes to all,