The search is over

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to say that yesterday I made my choice and signed with a new agent. We have a follow-up call set for Thursday so I’m going to wait to make the official announcement and tell you who it is after that. For now, I have a lot of new forms to complete.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me choose the new picture for my website. The winner is me on the sofa with my arms folded. I’ve asked Kathy Temean to make the change. I very much appreciated all your sweet comments along with your preferences. Wow!

Yesterday I finished (and sent off to my new agent) a new collection of poems. It’s different from anything I’ve done or have seen in the market and I’m pleased with it.

Today I think I’ll fill out forms and, if time permits, get back to revising the middle grade novel I’ve been working on over the past three years.

I don’t know when I’m going to get to some of the other ideas in my head. I still need to finish the book with Laura Robb but we’re waiting for word from our editor before I go ahead with that one. And Mary Jo Fresch and I continue to wait to hear from the editor for our project.

I’m back!

Hi everyone,

I’m back! After several days of frustration about being blocked from my own blog, I learned I had been logged out and all I had to do was log back in. Why, when, and how did the gremlins log me out? That’s their secret. But thanks to my web master Kathy Temean for figuring out the problem and getting me back in the game and ready to post.

By now you already know that I’m into celebrating my 50th year as a published children’s author. Thanks again to Jennifer Moore who interviewed me on KSMU Radio. I posted the link to that one on Facebook.

And after that I was featured on the blog of Christal Rice Cooper. I also posted that link on Facebook but if you missed it in the confusion, here it is again.

Other nice things are in the works and I’m grateful for each of them. If you grow weary of hearing about my celebration, forgive me. It won’t happen again for another half century so please bear with me.

The spice of a poet’s life

Hi everyone,

One thing I like about writing is the variety of subjects I get to pursue. At the moment I’m working on a piece about Mesopotamia. Yesterday my subject was the kind of animals that live in or visit caves. Last week I wrote a poem using homographs. Tomorrow? Who knows? But I’ll report to work to find out!

By the way, my thanks to my website and blog creator, Kathy Temean, for adding the banner across the top of my daily posts for a while as a reminder of my upcoming book, and my thanks to the book’s artist, Kate Cosgrove, for creating the banner. I checked the status of the new title yesterday, and it’s doing rather well considering that it won’t be out until May 14.

Sign my guest book?

Hi everyone,

I spend so much time here at the blog that I sometimes forget to brag on Kathy Temean’s work when she created my website nine years ago. One of the buttons you can click on it takes you to my guest book.

I’ve added several friends and followers since the last time it occurred to me to mention the guest book and ask visitors here to pop over to sign it. This only takes a minute or two so give it some thought. Thanks for considering it.

Graduation Day

Hi everyone,

In 2010 I gave the author luncheon address at the New Jersey SCBWI conference held in Princeton, NJ. Prior to the conference I heard from Michele Heinrichs, whose 10-year-old daughter was a fan of mine. They lived two hours away by car but Rachel wanted to meet me in person and Michele was willing to drive that far if I had time.

When they arrived at the conference, I got to meet Rachel and exchange proper hugs. The conference chair, Kathy Temean, made arrangements for Rachel to sit in the back of the room with her mom during the luncheon. In years that followed, Michele brought Rachel and her younger sister Sarah to Honesdale when I was giving poetry workshops. As you can imagine, we have continued to stay in touch even as Rachel grew and became more involved in school and social activities.

Well, yesterday Rachel graduated from high school. I think you will agree she has grown and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. The first time I “met” her was when as a 4th grader she used to post poems on my blog. And now just look at what writing poetry will do for you!

Congratulations, Rachel. I am very proud of you!

With love, David