Blog tour stop #6

Hi everyone,

I’m so pleased that Michelle Kogan at Michelle Kogan–Art, Illustration, & Writing ( is hosting tour stop #6 today. I’m grateful to Michelle, as I have been each day to my hosts — Kathy Temean, Carol Varsalona, Jane Heitman Healy, Sylvia Vardell, and Linda Baie. I’m truly blessed.

I’m put in the shade by the technical skills and ability to use social media by my hosts. I keep forgetting that this tour also has a hashtag that anyone can use to aid the cause: #AfterDarkBlogTour. Lots of tweets and FB notices too. What a learning curve I’m on!

In other matters, I learned yesterday that the most recent volume of SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR, the series of reference books about authors, came out in December. I’m in it and saw the draft some time ago of a rather lengthy article about my work, but I didn’t realize the book was now in print and making its way into library reference rooms around the country. Not many individuals will pop for a copy at the fancy price of $285. Not this individual anyway.

A good week

Hi everyone,

My thanks to Kathy Temean and Carol Varsalona for leading off the blog tour. I’m honored by all the lovely comments being left by friends and colleagues as well as readers I don’t know. If the rest of the tour is as much fun as these first two stops, there will be no living with me.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to have completed a major revision of a manuscript that has been taking all my time lately. And this past week has also been a busy one for invitations. I agreed to speak to three groups, participate in another childrens literature festival, partner on a new book venture, add another book store signing, and turn a previously scheduled signing into a fund raiser for two elementary schools. More about some of those as they come along.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


Off to a great start

Hi everyone,

My thanks to Kathy Temean for going first in my blog tour to introduce AFTER DARK. The day went well and we have had a lot of visitors to her blog. A new post is up today but it’s not too late to go there and leave a comment to get on the list of names to be drawn for a free copy.

Tomorrow we move on to the 2nd stop on the tour and I hope you’ll go check it out. My thanks in advance to Carol Varsalona at Beyond LiteracyLink at

No two stops on the tour are alike and each blog host has his/her own following so I’m excited about that. Don’t forget you can use the hashtag #AfterDarkBookTour anytime during the tour. Also, you can order copies now even though they won’t be shipped until February 25. I’m told that Amazon rules these days require that people who want to leave a comment must have purchased an online copy. I don’t think that’s fair if it’s true. Does anyone know for sure?

1st stop on the blog tour for AFTER DARK

Hi everyone,

Today kicks off my blog tour to introduce people to AFTER DARK, POEMS ABOUT NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, which makes it debut on Tuesday, February 25. My thanks to Kathy Temean for leading off at:

2/11/20 Tuesday
Kathy Temean at Writing & Illustrating

You are invited to follow along as the tour moves forward. Several hosts are offering ways to win a free copy of AFTER DARK. Please feel free to share, tweet, email, text, Facebook, hashtag, etc. etc. if you would like to. Comments on Amazon and B&N noble sites also are a huge help to others who are deciding if they want to see the book too.

My thanks to all!

Blog tour schedule

Hi everyone,

Here we are in February 2020. How did that happen? Didn’t we just start this year? I only stopped wishing folks a Happy New year a little while ago. Wow!

Three weeks from tomorrow, February 25, is pub day for AFTER DARK, POEMS ABOUT NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, and my blog tour to help introduce the book begins one week from today on February 11. I’m very grateful for all the good people who have agreed to be hosts on the tour and give special thanks to Jena Benton for creating a beautiful graphic so everyone can follow the schedule. And thanks to Kerry McManus at Boyds Mills & Kane for suggesting a helpful hashtag: #AfterDarkBookTour to further boost the cause. I’m excited!

Here’s the graphic with a list of blog names and dates. In many cases I’ve been asked to respond to questions. In total my responses were 17 pages long. No one asked the same question! Renee La Tulippe asked for a video so I made one for the day she hosts.

Here’s the complete list of hosts. I hope you will check their blogs each day to say hi or leave a comment. Hosting an author with a new book takes a lot of work and I can’t thank them enough.

2/11/20 Tuesday
Kathy Temean at Writing & Illustrating

2/13/20 Thursday
Carol Varsalona at Beyond LiteracyLink

2/17/20 Monday
Jane Heitman Healy at Read, Learn, and be Happy

2/18/20 Tuesday
Sylvia Vardell at PoetryForChildren

2/19/20 Wednesday
Linda Baie at Teacher Dance

2/20/20 Thursday
Michelle Kogan atMichelle Kogan–Art, Illustration, & Writing

2/21/20 Friday
Janice Scully at Salt City Verse

2/24/20 Monday
Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche

2/25/20 Tuesday – PUBLICATION DAY!
Jena Benton at Simply 7

2/26/20 Wednesday
Renée LaTulippe at No Water River

2/27/20 Thursday
Linda Mitchell at A Word Edgewise

2/28/20 Friday
Matt Forest Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme

3/2/20 Monday
Irene Latham at Live Your Poem

3/3/20 Tuesday
Catherine Flynn at Reading to the Core ` `