A nice recommendation

Hi everyone,

I hope you won’t mind today’s post. It’s purely promotional. The original idea for having a blog was to promote my work in one fashion or another. Get more gigs. Sell more books. I’m basically a soft sell guy but now and then when a new book comes out or something nice happens I take advantage of this space to talk about it.

I did a school visit last month in Kirksville, Missouri and received this note from Robyn Pasa, the librarian. I don’t do as many school visits as I used to, but I like to visit a few schools each year to stay in front of kids. If you know of anyone who might find this recommendation useful, I hope you’ll be kind enough to pass it on. Otherwise, pour another cup of coffee and skip to someone else’s blog today. Thanks.

April 27, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Kirksville Primary School hosted David L. Harrison as a guest author as part of our Fine Arts Program on April 16, 2018. I recommend him as a visiting author to your school.

April 16, 2018 was a jam-packed day of laughter, listening, reading, writing, and sharing. Mr. Harrison did a marvelous job of keeping our 560 Kindergarten through Second graders engaged and encouraged as authors themselves.

David told stories, shared some of his poetry, along with where he finds his ideas and what he does with them as a writer in the introductory session. He then met with each grade level, two sessions each, and gave them an ‘assignment’ to work on for the last session of the day ‘Student Sharing’.

Our students were up for the challenge and felt validated by Mr. Harrison’s instructions and feedback, as each grade had several readers of poems, narratives and offered sound effects to help tell a story.

Mr. Harrison is articulate, humorous, and very knowledgeable in the craft of writing, as an author and educator of educators. David is very timely in his responses, clear in what he could offer our school, and what he needed in return from us to ensure a successful day for everyone. My administrator and faculty had high praise for David Harrison and the day we shared with him. I feel you will enjoy and appreciate the time you spend in his company.

Robyn Pasa

Kirksville kids

Hi everyone,

Robyn Paso, the librarian at Kirksville Primary School, sent me some pictures of my recent visit there. You don’t see me in this shot but I was standing in front of 560 students K-2 on the gym floor and spoke for thirty minutes. After that we broke into groups so I could work with individual classes.

At the end of the day we met back in the gym where each group performed something I’d assigned them during our earlier sessions. The students all did a stellar job. It was a happy day.

With kids

Hi everyone,

Today I’m with 550 K-2 students in Kirksville, Missouri public schools. Working with librarian Robyn Pasa and principal Ernest Motely we set a schedule that should keep everyone involved. Wish me luck.

8:30-9:00 K-2 Opening Assembly David Harrison will present an opening assembly where he will introduce himself, talk about being an author and give an overview of what he will be doing with each grade level later in the day.

9:10-9:40 Kindergarten Pod 1 Kindergarten Sound-Effects Presentation

9:45-10:15 2nd Grade Pod 1 Second Grade Memory-Based Writing Presentation

10:30-11:00 2nd Grade Pod 2 Second Grade Memory-Based Writing Presentation


12:10-12:40 1st Grade Pod 1 First Grade List Poems Presentation

12:50-1:20 1st Grade Pod 2 First Grade List Poems Presentation

1:25-1:50 Kindergarten Pod 2 Kindergarten Sound-Effects Presentation

2:00-2:30 Final Assembly David Harrison will end the day with an all-school assembly that recaps what was covered in the grade level presentations and features student demonstrations.