Goo foffing in good company

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Robin, Tim, and grandson Kris bid us farewell and flew back home. We loved having them with us for a wonderful week, something we look forward to each year. Here’s part of the group gathered around the pool for one last dip.
This morning I think I can finish my notes for ILA and get back to a manuscript I’m working on with Jane Yolen. This afternoon I hope to take Sandy shopping. Should be another good day.


Homemade ice cream!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been wanting homemade ice cream all summer and this morning Sandy finally found the recipe she’s been looking for tucked into one of her cookbooks. Hooray! This afternoon I’ll go to the store for the ingredients and then get out the electric freezer. When Robin, Tim, and maybe Kris come over for dinner this evening, we’ll have the ice cream for desert!

Yesterday Sandy and I worked for hours getting the patio vacuumed and the leaves out of the pool. I turned up the heater so the water should be perfect for an afternoon swim. It’s going to be a beautiful day for a fall family pool party.

Pssst. Wanna see a happy guy?

Hi everyone,

Saturday we celebrated Tim Williams’ birthday here. Tim is our son-in-law and no one could wish for a better one. Tim and Robin’s son Kris was there along with his parents Claire and Fred Williams.

The delectable meal was made possible, of course, by none other than Sandy, my gorgeous M.O.W.

Happy birthday, Kris Williams!

Hi everyone,

Today we celebrate our grandson’s birthday. Therefore, we’ll party hearty in Kris Williams’ honor.
Not that we haven’t been taking advantage of every excuse to party. Thursday night, for example, was Fish Taco Night, thanks to the combined talents of Jeff, Josie, Tim, and all the little people who did what they could to help. Jeff prepared fish and shrimp. Josie toasted the taco shells, prepared a rice dish, and fixed fantastic salsa dishes. Tim cooked the corn. I made Margaritas. People everywhere I tell you! It was some party!


The other party

Hi everyone,
And here we are on Monday morning. Thanks to one and all for making my party so much fun. We had a good turnout and hundreds checked out the activities from the sidelines. I call it a success.
When I excused myself on Friday afternoon it was to run down to Branson to meet our Grandson Kris and his two visiting friends from Norway, Thorerik and Trond. I fear I’m misspelling their names. They are fine young men and are having a good time seeing the sights around here. Kris met them last year when he went to Norway and stayed with Thorerik and his family. The guys are all part of an international group of gamers.
I hated to leave my own party but I hope you’ll forgive me. The opportunity came up and I wouldn’t have missed it. The statue at sunset was another highlight of the evening. 20160610_195117_resized