Time to vote

BULLETIN: Polls close at 8:30. I’ve been trailing Bonnie all day but at the moment I’ve edged ahead by a few votes. It has been a fun race!

Hi everyone,

If you are into reading the poems posted in March Madness, here’s the link to my first round effort. At the moment my worthy opponent, Bonnie Bailey, is whuppin’ up on me. http://www.thinkkidthink.com/4-whatever-vs-13-auxiliary/ . There are still a few hours to go.

My March Madness poem is posted

Hi everyone,

Win, lose or draw, my whatever poem is done and gone. I’ve forgotten when the voting starts but Ed DeCaria has been good about providing details so I’ll go back to his e-mails and read more carefully.

To all my fellow poets who are involved this year, break a leg. To Ed, thanks in advance for all the work.

To Naomi Williamson and all the wonderful folks who put on yet another stellar Childrens Literature Festival this year in Warrensburg, Missouri, my gratitude. It is always one of the hightest of my year’s highlights.

March Madness off and running

Hi everyone,

Last night the first round of words was posted for the poets involved in this year’s March Madness event. I drew “whatever”. I started thinking and making notes before I went to bed and have been at it again this morning. Some progress, I think.

Best wishes to everyone involved. I look forward to seeing all the poems that will be created during the contest.

Meanwhile, it’s time for me to finish dressing and get back to campus for the second day of the Childrens Literaure Festival.


It’s official

Hi everyone,

The poets who will compete in March Madness 2014 received a letter from Ed DeCaria, whip master in center ring, explaining some of the requirements and providing a full roster of participants. I’ll get my first word on March 17 while I’m at the Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival so my first round poem will likely be composed mostly in the car on the afternoon of the 18th while driving back home. I hope I get a word about 18-wheelers and shaking one’s fist at traffic.

My worthy opponent for the first round is Bonnie Bailey. I look forward to becoming acquainted.

The only other contest I ever entered changed my life. In 1963 I sent a short-short story to a Reader’s Digest contest. I didn’t get top prize but placed high enough that I was interviewed in the Kansas City Star. A follow-up conversation with someone who read the story led me to try my hand at writing for children. Were it not for that incident, I might still be writing stories for adults. So, Ed Decaria, the pressure is on. I have big expectations!