It’s a party and we still have food and drinks left

Hi everyone,

It has been a grand party, thanks to hundreds of you who dropped in or came by. We still have food and drinks everywhere so I decided to leave the welcome mat out again for Thursday. I remember one year when the party actually drifted into the third day!

Come back if you have a minute. Or come for the first time if you never made it yesterday. Tell someone who should have been here and wasn’t to get in gear and come over today. If we’re all partied out and no one shows up today, that’s fine. We had plenty of fun yesterday. We’ll just see how it goes.

Thank you one and all for making yesterday another party for the record books. Sandy says to thank you too. She especially loved the part about not having anything to clean up.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our house. I’m so glad you’re here! Please don’t be bashful about letting me know you’re arrived. Click in the small balloon in the upper right corner of this page. If there’s a number in it, that’s how many people have come by or come back to post a comment. Many others will drop by during the day without leaving a note to let me know they’ve been here. My goal is to coax more of them to click on the balloon and come on in to chat.

It’s a chilly day here but the beauty of a virtual party is that there’s no need to worry about the temperature, or wearing a mask, or how you’re dressed, or how much you’re having to eat and drink, and no one ever spills anything, and people come and go and come back — sometimes several times during the day — no matter how far away they may live in real miles. I know I’ll have guests today from folks who live in other countries, and that makes me very happy.

Before we go any father, I want to thank my friends, Joy Acey and Matt Forrest Esenwine, with whom I share the idea of having these virtual get togethers from time to time. These have been going on for a few years now and many of you have never missed a one. When Joy and Matt make it here today, I hope you’ll give them richly deserved pats on the back.

The whole point of these events is to relax and have fun. I’ll do my best to see you when you come in, but this is not the time to be shy. Please announce yourself when you get here so everyone will hear you. If you’re nibbly or thirsty, help yourself to all the virtual food and drinks. We provide some and guests often arrive with dishes, baskets, and coolers of their own party favorites.

Now relax, find a comfy place to sit, and make yourself at home. Welcome!

Let’s party hearty!

Hi everyone,

It’s party time! I welcome you today to my fourth blog party. Come one come all. Bring something if you want, or not. Virtual parties are known for the ease of cleaning up afterward and one cupcake may well last all day and please the palates of dozens of guests.

Cool off in the pool if you brought a suit. For men with a 38 waist, I have a couple of spares. For women, Sandy might come up with one for you. I keep pool heated to 90 degrees, which is handy because when we’re not swimming we throw in a bag of potatoes and serve soup to the neighborhood. The water is only four feet deep and we have a stock of new noodles to help you bob around.

The grill is clean (by my standards more than those of my M.O.W.’s) so help yourself to it if you want to throw on burgers or brats.

You’ll find tables here and there. My two favorites are the ones closest to Goose Lake but there is one by the pool, one close to the kitchen door, and another at the far end of the patio for those who just want to enjoy the view and be left alone.

We have twenty outdoor chairs around tables and others that can be arranged to suit you needs.
I think all the plants are watered but if you’re given to puttering around in gardens, you’ll find a watering can wherever Sandy left it last. (No, my darling, I didn’t mean anything by that last “crack.” You’re just being overly sensitive. Yes, of course I apologize, Sweetheart.)

Sadly, my fallen tree is sprawling across part of the yard and down into the lake. We have someone coming to remove it next week. At some point I may offer a toast to the fallen beauty.

If you brought something in need of refrigeration, I’ve left the kitchen door open so help yourself. The counters are pretty much clear and the cutting boards are next to the coffee pot. No, the other coffee pot. The one that works. One of these days I plan to take the broken one to the garage, but it’s a long walk of twelve feet or maybe more and I’ve been busy these last two years.

So welcome! I am delighted to greet you, whether you’re a newbie to my parties or a veteran. The idea behind these events is to encourage folks to become acquainted and enjoy a chance to visit. If you spot someone you’ve been wanting to meet, march right up and introduce yourself. If you have questions to ask, ask away.

I never know how long these parties will last. One went on for three days. Please come and go as your time permits. My suggestion is that if you are returning to the party, you might want to make an announcement so everyone will know you’re back. Otherwise it’s easy to be overlooked in the crowd. And don’t forget to thank Joy Acey and Matt Forrest for dreaming up this party in the first place. Joy lives a lot of time zones away these days so you may have to shout to wake her up.

Summer blog party this Friday!

Hi everyone,

This Friday, June 9, I’m having my fourth virtual blog party. If it goes like the first three, we should have hundreds of visits and comments throughout the day as people check in to see who’s here, greet old friends, and ask or answer questions. I don’t claim this as my idea. It was originally suggested by Joy Acey and Matt Forrest. Here’s the link to the first party, which, by the way, lasted three days! .

I hope you will mark Friday on your calendar and plan to drop by my blog anytime during the day and return as often as you wish to keep up with the festivities. To let everyone know you’ve arrived, click on the little balloon in the upper right corner of the post, scroll to the bottom of the list, and post your comment.

Here is more information about Joy, who first came into my life at my 2011 Poetry Workshop in Honesdale, and Matt, who arrived in 2013.

Joy Acey is a childrens poet published in the Poetry Friday anthologies compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. Her poems have also appeared in Highlight’s High Five and Pockets magazine. She lives on Kauai with wild chickens and lots of rainbows. She loves adventure and to travel. She has over 2,000 poems and many writing exercises for children on her blog

Matt Forrest Esenwine’s children’s poetry can be found in numerous anthologies including Kenn Nesbitt’s One Minute Till Bedtime (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016), J. Patrick Lewis’ The National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry (National Geographic Children’s Books, 2015), and Lee Bennett Hopkins’ School People (Boyd’s Mills Press, 2018), as well as ‘Highlights for Kids’ magazine. Matt’s debut picture books, Flashlight Night (Boyd’s Mills Press), and Don’t Ask a Dinosaur (Pow! Kids Books), are scheduled for Sept. 2017 and Spring 2018 releases, respectively.

Matt Forrest Esenwine
Matt Forrest VoiceWorks (blog) (demos/samples)
(603) 660-6989

It’s party time!



Hi everyone,


Back in June, thanks to encouragement from Joy Acey and Matt Forrest, I threw a virtual party in our back yard here at Goose Lake. Here’s a link to remind you of the event. . We partied on for three days.

Now another friend, Sara Johnson, Content Director at Shell Education, suggests that it might be time for a holiday party, this time indoors. I don’t know if we can last three days again, considering how busy folks get this time of year, but we’ll start today, hope for a great turnout, and see how it goes. I think we have enough chairs and conversation groupings.20151215_121907_resized You can also sit on the floor or the hearth. The carpet’s new and the candles won’t burn you so move them aside.20151216_120949_resized
You don’t need to bring anything but if you have a favorite recipe to share, that would be lovely. Well okay, I suppose some holiday tidbits or perhaps a drop or two of something festive would be appreciated by all, so let your conscience be your guide. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with bragging on your kids/grandkids or sharing a poem if you’re brave enough to stand up and present it. This IS a party after all!20151215_122018_resized

And not to go all syrupy on you but I feel blessed to be surrounded by friends and family today and want to say so. Thank you. Thank you for taking time to be here and share in the pleasure of one another’s company. Most of us talk back and forth all year but we’re almost never all together at one time. Is this nice or what!
That’s it. I don’t know who will show up today but if you have a specific question for anyone in particular, I’ll do my best to get it to him or her.

So come early, drink deep from the cup of friendship, and stay as long as you like. Spread the word far and wide. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. Let’s party!


Interview by Matt Forrest

BULLETIN: I’m pleased to appear today on Matt Forrest’s blog. Here’s the link. . Many thanks, Matt. It’s a pleasure.

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I promised an example of working a chain of words into a poem in verse. Here it is, beginning with the list:


Here’s the poem that doesn’t rhyme.

The drop hangs
from the kid’s nose
like the lip of a faucet,
glistening wet, unable
to slip off and fall.
I yearn to grab a rag
and rip it off! Instead
I sip my drink and stare,
wishing that drop would drip!

And here’s one that does.

I’m minding my business
Sipping ice tea
When I hear a loud sniff
From a kid about three.

A drop is just hanging
From the tip of his nose
Like the lip of a faucet,
Like dew on a rose.

Glistening wetly
High on his lip,
It’s wanting to fall
But unable to slip.

I look for a tissue
To rip it away,
It’s driving me crazy,
It’s ruining my day.

I reach for my beverage
And slurp a loud sip,
I can’t stand the pressure.
That drop just won’t drip!