Leaving Oregon

Hi everyone,

We returned home yesterday from a seven day trip to see Jeff and Jennifer in Portland and Cannon Beach, Oregon. I’ll tell you about all our wonderful visit later but this morning I’m sad for all the people in Oregon, California, Colorado, and everywhere else who are being devastated by the unending, high-wind driven fires.

At J&J’s house at Cannon Beach, they have a majestic view of the valley from their back deck. On Tuesday we could already see smoke drifting in over the hills.

Here’s the same view two days later as we were leaving for Portland. And here is all we could see of downtown Portland yesterday as we headed to the airport. By then Portland had been judged the worst air quality of any major city in the world. Fires have already caused 500,000 people to evacuate or be prepared to, and small hamlets have been entirely wiped out. So very sad.