Poetry word list challenge

Hi everyone,

I recently finished 96 poems, each of which demonstrates a different sound (phoneme) that children learn in the process of becoming readers. The five books, called LEARNING THROUGH POETRY and co-written with Mary Jo Fresch, a professor at Ohio University, are published by Shell Education. In each case I began with a list of words that featured the subject sound and looked for something to write about that would use as many as possible of those words. I thought that some of you might like to try it too. Here is a word list that features the blended sound CR. I’ll keep this posted for a while and then show you what I wrote based on this list. Your target audience is preK-2. This also makes a great exercise for teachers and students in the classroom.

crab, crack, cracker, cradle, craft, crane, crash, crave, crawfish, crawl, crayon, crazy, credit, creek, creep, crib, cricket, cried, critter, croak, crocodile, crook, croon, crop, cross, crow, crowd, crown, crumb, crunch, crust, cry.