Getting there

BULLETIN: Happy birthday to Tim Williams, my very favorite son-in-law in the world!

Hi everyone,
Ken and David
The remake of the poetry collection I mentioned is coming along well. Some of the poems are lending themselves to revision while others are being replaced with new ones. At the rate it’s going I should finish the poems by the end of next week and get a start on the additional 100-word prose pieces that will accompany each one.

Just received another note from a participant in the upcoming poetry workshop sixteen days from now. I don’t know if anyone else will sign up at the last minute, but we have a good group.

I have a meeting this afternoon and a birthday party at our house this evening. The rest of the day I’ll work. Not a bad way to end the week!

Of parties and workshops

Hi everyone,

Some reminders.

On the 10th of this month, which is one week from tomorrow, I’m holding a virtual party so I hope you are planning to be there. This is my third such party and we always have a fine time. Dozens of people will attend so it’s a good opportunity to greet old friends and meet someone you’ve wanted to talk to. It’s a lively crowd with folks coming and going all day, sometimes into the second day, and I’m kept busy greeting new arrivals and introducing them around. The setting will be in my back yard around the pool and overlooking Goose Lake. I hope some of the resident creatures show up, too, so you can see for yourself why I keep going on about them. All you have to do to attend is click on the comment balloon on my post that day and leave your note(s). There will be hundreds of them. You can come early and keep checking back all day to see what’s happening.

Also, the folks at Highlights Workshops just sent out a reminder about my upcoming poetry workshop. Sorry I can’t duplicate their artwork but here’s the message. We still have people signing up to attend so if you’re thinking about it, here’s a nudger. There’s more at


Find answers to your poetry questions
The publishing world can seem murky and impenetrable, especially if you write poetry. Aspiring poets may wonder:
• Why do publishers accept some poems over others?
• Why were my poems turned down, while poems in a similar vein were published?
• What do publishers want?
How Do Poets Get Published? Learning What It Takes (August 21-24) will demystify what goes into the decision to publish poetry. Poet David Harrison, author of over 70 published books that have sold more than five million copies, will lead the workshop, which will include:
• Presentations by guest editors.
• Writing time with prompts.
• One-on-one time with faculty.
• Mock editorial review meeting.
• Genre study: free verse, unrhymed verse, short form rhymed verse, and long form rhymed verse.

Did you know?
Our workshop costs are all-inclusive. Except for your travel costs, we take care of everything! You’ll get free transportation from the airport, lodging, meals, round-the-clock snacks and free wireless internet.
We would appreciate it if you would pass on this email to a friend.

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Introducing my 2016 Poetry Workshop

Hi everyone,
I told you in February that I’d agreed to do another workshop for poets at The Barn near Honesdale, Pennsylvania. It’s part of the ongoing series of workshops hosted by Highlights Foundation under the leadership of Kent Brown. I’ve been waiting for the names and bios of some of my guest speakers to go up on the site, and now I can tell you more about the event, which is set for August 21-24.

There will be a LOT of writing going on at this workshop. I’ve scheduled us for three hours each morning and each afternoon, and I’ll be there throughout to act as sounding board, mentor, facilitator, and coach. After two full days, each poet will have at least four poems, each in a different subgenre.

On the third morning we’ll hold a critique session so that participants can leave with some honest feedback to take home and guide further revisions if thought necessary.

Here’s where this workshop offers valuable added value, thanks to the input of previous participants. Every poet dreams of being published and agonizes over how difficult it can be to figure out how to do it. That’s why I’m so delighted to introduce the four key guests who have accepted my invitation to speak.

On Day One, our two speakers (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) come from the magazine side of Highlights. Allison Kane is the editorial assistant at Highlights Magazine and edits most of the poetry as well as numerous other publications. Patrick Greenwish is Art Director for Highlights Magazine for Children. Patrick can provide insight about the importance of writing with an artist in mind.

For Day Two our speakers will represent the book side. Mary Colgan is Senior Editor for Highlights Press, the book-publishing division of Highlights for Children. Mary can answer questions about the whole range of books the company publishes. Rebecca Davis is a senior editor for Boyds Mills Press and for Wordsong, the only imprint in the United States dedicated to children’s poetry.

How’s that for a lineup of people who can tell it like it is? This is a perfect chance to learn firsthand from editors what they look for and how the process of reviewing poetry and deciding whether or not to accept it for publication works. We have to be good and hone our work till it’s ready, but we also need to be savvy about how this publishing business works. That knowledge can save a lot of heartache and wasted effort. For more complete information, here’s the link. .

August will roll around before you know it. If this sounds interesting to you or you know someone who might like to come, please contact Jo Lloyd ( at the Foundation for more information.

Poetry Workshop

Hi everyone,

When I first posted the agenda for my poetry workshop in Honesdale the last of Sepember, we quickly had seven or eight people indicate their intention to sign on. Last year we filled the 15-person quota by April or May and it looked as though we were headed that way again this year.

So far that isn’t the case. We’re still well below the maximum I can accept and here we are nearly into June. I look forward to hearing from additional poets who want to take advantage of the inspirational setting at The Barn and to benefit from Skype sessions from Kenn Nesbitt and Jane Yolen. Maybe you know of others who would sign up with you. Last year I think we had seven poets from Illinois. We were afraid they would gang up on the rest of us but they all turned out to be stellar people and talented writers.

Here’s the information. .