Hi everyone,

Sometime ago, Renee LaTulippe and I made this Halloween video. No one asked us to bring it back this year, but we know how forgetful you are and that you meant to. So here it is, just as you meant to request.

I love working with Renee. In this case I (think I) suggested we might do something together and wrote what turned out to be my half of this bloodcurdling duet. Renee, with her superior knowledge of all kinds of things, including makeup, dramatizing, producing, and technology, took care of the rest. I couldn’t decide whether to repost this on Saturday or on Sunday. My compromise was to leave it up both days. You’ll thank me later.

Today is Blog Tour #10

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was publication day for AFTER DARK, POEMS ABOUT NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, and I had a great day. My thanks to everyone who helped in some way to make the occasion so special.

Today is Stop #10 on the tour and I’m happy to say that the host is Renee La Tulippe, in Italy over at No Water River ( Most of you know Renee and/or her wonderful achievements in preserving the work and voices of poets. On an early occasion when she interviewed me, for some reason I was full of silly responses and that’s how our relationship began. I’m not sure Renee believes I have a serious thought in my head because when she agreed to host me on this tour I sent her my answers first. Well…

So I’ve been looking forward to seeing today’s post and discover what my patient friend has managed to make of what I sent her. I hope you’ll enjoy her post. I’m quite sure that I will.

Renee, let the fun begin. Seriously.

Word and Theme for November

Hi everyone,

Where or where did October go! Hmmm, I believe I said the same thing about September. Well they both passed too quickly.

So here is a nice shiny new word for November’s W.O.M. Poetry Challenge. It is AWNING. Yup, that’s what I said. Don’t like it, don’t blame me, go after Renee La Tulippe for suggesting it. Besides, I bet you can do all sorts of things with a useful word like awning. Can’t wait for you to prove it!

The Theme for the month is LEAVES. Seems like the right time for that! And guess who suggested it? Well Renee of course. This is the first time in history that the same person has provided both the word and the theme. Naturally the pressure is on Renee to produce some poems this month!