Making it work

BULLETIN: I’m very happy to announce that Gregory K. Pincus just posted me today as one of his 30 poets in 30 days feature. Thank you, Greg! For those interested, the link is

Hi everyone,

Not much to report this chilly Sunday morning. I slept in a little; hope to make a couple of videos later today for teachers and librarians. I’ve set out CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS (Boyds Mills & Kane) and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY (Charlesbridge). Maybe this time the light will be good in some other room in the house other than the guest bathroom where I had to sit last time.

Now that Missouri is under a stay at home rule and we’re being told to wear masks when we go for groceries, Sandy and I need to get masks. I’ve seen examples on TV of how to make them. This morning I’ll check Google to see what might be available to order.

Yesterday I received a copy of the April issue of “Literary License,” the publication of The Society of Midland Authors. This one includes pictures with quotes of three of us in the 12-state midland region about how we are “moving forward on (our) book projects amid the COVID-19 social distancing.” The other two authors are Margaret McMullan and Cynthia Clampitt. The picture I’ve posted today is a favorite and was taken in Chicago at the annual awards dinner of The Society of Midland Authors in 2017. That year NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T (Charlesbridge) was chosen by the society as the best nonfiction book of the year for children. Sandy, Robin, and Jeff were all there. Jeff took the picture and you can see part of Robin behind me. It was a wonderful occasion.

Seeing some customers

Hi everyone,

I had fun yesterday afternoon visiting the combined classes of 1st grade students at Rountree Elementary School in Springfield. The kids were familiar with three of my books and with teachers’ help had prepared questions to ask me. I got lots of hugs and bright smiles and excellent questions. A lovely way to spend a while and get the new year off to a good start. Sandy attended Rountree, our daughter Robin went there, too, and an aunt and uncle lived a block away, so I have a soft spot for that school.

Next week I’ll be at David Harrison Elementary talking to 4th graders. I sort of have a soft spot for that school too!

It’s a Weber!

Hi everyone,

A long time ago the wolf became a dog and the dog became a hairless Chihuahua. Just so, the bold hunter of old discovered fire and fire led him to beaming with joy to receive this splendid gift for Father’s Day. With love and thanks to Robin, Tim, Jeff, and Jennifer. Throwing spears never suited me anyway.

Goo foffing in good company

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Robin, Tim, and grandson Kris bid us farewell and flew back home. We loved having them with us for a wonderful week, something we look forward to each year. Here’s part of the group gathered around the pool for one last dip.
This morning I think I can finish my notes for ILA and get back to a manuscript I’m working on with Jane Yolen. This afternoon I hope to take Sandy shopping. Should be another good day.