A love story

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(Ilga, David, Carol, Sandy, Dave)

Last night we attended the world premier production of Sandy Fenichel Asher’s compelling play, DEATH VALLEY, A LOVE STORY, at Springfield Contemporary Theatre, beautifully performed by Andie Bottrell, Rachel Jamieson, and special friend Sarah J. Wiggin. The play was inspired by the true story of Carol Emerson and the loss of her partner, David Nutter.

(cast, director Alan Souza, Sandy, Carol

At dinner prior to the play we sat with Sandy, hubby Harvey Asher, Ilga Vise, Carol and partner Dave Bender. Sandy pointed out that this was a gathering of three of her “muses.” She wrote her play, WALKING TOWARD AMERICA based on the experiences of Ilga, DEATH VALLEY, A LOVE STORY based on Carol Emerson’s story, and SOMEMBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK based on my poetry.

(Cory, David)

After the play there was a reception to meet and greet and one of the actors, Cory Kilburn, who appeared in SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK (2002) reintroduced himself to me. What an extra treat that was!


Hi everyone,

Yesterday’s mail included a royalty statement from Dramatic Publishing, the publisher of Sandra Fenichel Asher (Sandy Asher)’s play, SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEOWORK, whose characters were inspired by my poetry. The play was first produced by Good Company Theatre for All Ages at the Vandivort Center Theatre in Springfield, Missouri, April 11-14, 2002, directed by Maxine Whittaker. Since then it has been produced numerous times, including at least once abroad, and I’m delighted each time.

According to this latest summary of activity, SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK was produced on May 18, 2019 at the University of South Carolina Upstate and on May 27, 2019 by Westbridge Children’s Theatre. I’m proud and happy that this play is still so active seventeen years after it’s 2002 debut.

This is a one-act play that features a class of 4th grade students. There’s a new kid, a missing cat, a school bus, and plenty of action to keep young audiences entertained. Sandy chose poems from my various published (and unpublished) work at the time and I was wonderfully surprised that she found enough characters to populate her highly entertaining play. It’s sort of like a musical except when actors open their mouths, instead of singing, they perform my poetry. Yes!

For more information about how to bring the play to a school or other kid friendly venue near you, contact Dramatic Publishing, 311 Washington St., Woodstock, IL 60098. Telephone: 800-448-7469. Sandy can also provide more insight into the play so you can contact her too.

Good news from Sandy Asher

Hi everyone,

As you may know, Sandy Asher’s play, WALKING TOWARD AMERICA, is being featured this fall at 407 W. 41st St., New York, NY as part of United Solo Festival at Theatre Row. It’s an honor to be selected and Sandy, who writes plays as Sandra Fenichel Asher, has every right to be pleased. Even better, the first performance of the play, which is performed by Annie Montgomery, is sold out.6023_WalkingTowardAmerica_Promo1 (1) A second show has now been added for Thursday, October 1 at 9 p.m..
Sandy Asher
The website has been updated: http://walkingtowardamerica.wordpress.com, and folks can link from there to online and phone ticket ordering at Telecharge. According to Sandy, “Tickets are $19.25, plus small fees. And they’ve already begun to sell, so the race is on! We had quite a few people who couldn’t get tickets for the 9/27 performance, so we’re hoping to sell this one out, too, and maybe line up a third. Fingers crossed!”

If you are going to be in the New York area on October 1, you would want to order your tickets now. Seating capacity is limited so you could miss an opportunity to see the play. The play is based on the real life story of a friend and neighbor of ours, Ilga Katais-Paeglis Vise, who, as a young girl, fled 500 miles with her family across frozen, war-torn northern Europe as they worked their way toward America and eventual freedom. It’s a compelling story and I highly recommend it.