Headed home

Hi everyone,

Coming home. No more goo foffing for a while. I’ve had a fine time with Sandy and our family. Now it’s back to work. Enjoyed the signing at Sundog Books yesterday. Not many peeps but I’ll remember one 7-year-old boy who struggled to decide among PIRATES, COWBOYS, and NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. He finally chose PIRATES but assured me that he just couldn’t decide between the other two titles. Imagine my surprise to meet two couples from Republic, Missouri, a community that neighbors Springfield. That was fun.

Paying it forward

Hi everyone,

I’ve been fighting back trouble for a week. It started when I pulled some bags of mulch from the trunk and leaned down at an awkward angle for the last one. Dumb stunt. Anyway, sitting at my desk chair has been bothersome so I’ve been sitting on a bar stool in the pool room and sometimes standing while I work.

I’m taking three meds and the back is less painful than it was so yesterday I took a manuscript outside and sat at there for a while. When I looked up through the trees, I discovered a couple of clouds taking a quick kiss. I don’t think they knew they were being watched.Sandy came home not long after that. I kissed her for no particular reason.

Happy Anniversary, Sandy

Hi everyone,

I can’t tell you how many years we’ve been married. She won’t even tell me! I can tell you that Mrs. Harrison (sometimes when I’ve been good I get to call her Sandy), and I have been together for a while now. And as it works so often with long-term couples, we agree more and more on just about everything. There are those rare exceptions, of course. When we’ve both been good, life is sweet. At the end of the day or the trip or the road, we’re going to have some mighty fine memories.
Happy anniversary, Sweetheart. I love you.

Tell me the truth, do I need a life?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning Sandy and I sat by a living room window to read the paper and have our coffee. Just beyond the glass, on a patio chair cushion, a small creature was at rest in the weak sunlight. I kept looking at it, trying to decide if it was a spider or a large fly. To see a fly remain in one spot so long is uncommon. I wondered if I might be watching a fly in the process of dying. Not that it mattered much but I was curious enough to invest twenty minutes of observation.

I happened to mention it to my M.O.W., who immediately got up, opened the door, said “fly,” and smacked at it with a napkin. I watched the insect zip away safely, leaving behind a tiny dark spot on the cushion. My curiosity ended just short of going out to investigate the gift. For one thing, it was on the chair she sits in, next to mine.