Uh, you missed one.

Day 5

Hi everyone,

Great artists sometimes are forced to forgo the joy of work in order to record for posterity the labors of others. For example:


All better now

Hi everyone,

My sweetie took the ailing phone to Verizon yesterday and got it dried out professionally while I spent three hours at the car agency waiting for them to install a new battery in my car. It was great surprise to learn that my phone was working again! So the day ended on a good note and we enjoyed the full moon over Goose Lake.

Do you even recognize me now?

Hi everyone,

This is a long story.

Chapter One: my hair and eyebrows turn white. With my sometimes ruddy complexion, my eyebrows make me look rather like a raccoon in car lights.

Chapter Two: Sandy mentions this situation now and then and the gentleman who does her hair, my friend Ray Thomason, mentions this situation now and then.

Chapter Three: As a gift, Ray sends Sandy the chemicals necessary to turn a man’s eyebrows a shade darker than white.

Chapter Four. I spend twenty minutes on my back on the floor while Sandy applies the magic potion.

Chapter Five: Here I am gazing at the new me in my clever disguise. I figure I must look, what, fifteen years younger? Thanks to Ray and Sandy, I hope I don’t have to start beating off the chicks.

Pssst. Wanna see a happy guy?

Hi everyone,

Saturday we celebrated Tim Williams’ birthday here. Tim is our son-in-law and no one could wish for a better one. Tim and Robin’s son Kris was there along with his parents Claire and Fred Williams.

The delectable meal was made possible, of course, by none other than Sandy, my gorgeous M.O.W.

Headed home

Hi everyone,

Coming home. No more goo foffing for a while. I’ve had a fine time with Sandy and our family. Now it’s back to work. Enjoyed the signing at Sundog Books yesterday. Not many peeps but I’ll remember one 7-year-old boy who struggled to decide among PIRATES, COWBOYS, and NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. He finally chose PIRATES but assured me that he just couldn’t decide between the other two titles. Imagine my surprise to meet two couples from Republic, Missouri, a community that neighbors Springfield. That was fun.