Pushin’ dem books

Hi everyone,

On Saturday we drove to Seaside to shop at the Farmers’ Market. While there I dropped into the book store, Sundog Books, to say hi to the gang and see if they still had some of my titles in stock from my signing in March. They did. They were out of PIRATES and COWBOYS but had CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY in stock.

One of the ladies saw me come in and followed me around to the children’s books. A customer and her niece overheard our conversation and asked if I had written the books I was holding. Turned out she is a librarian at English Landing, a school in St. Louis. We had a good conversation and I signed one of the books for her school library. It was a pleasant experience. Last time I was there, signing, I met two couples from a community near Springfield. Once before that my friend and co-author, Mary Jo Fresch, came by. Seaside is a busy place and that book store is exceptional.

Good signing

Hi everyone,

Goo foffing behind and Springfield ahead. The wheel awaits and I have ideas. Should arrive on my birthday tomorrow with enough hours to spare that we can have dinner somewhere.

The signing went well. Jeff took some pictures.


Hi everyone,

Off to sign books today at Sundog Books, Seaside, Florida. The store is a popular landmark in this area. There isn’t enough space to sign inside so I’ll be given a chair and table on the front porch. You can’t hope for a more picturesque location. Crowds of people stroll up and down the sidewalk, many headed to the restaurant next door called Great Southern, another destination spot.

Today’s forecast calls for rain. I hope it doesn’t put a damper on my front porch perch and keep would be customers cooped up in their condos. Cross your fingers for me.

Signing this Saturday

Hi everyone,

Starting at noon this Saturday I’ll sign A PLACE TO START A FAMILY at Sundog Books in Seaside, Florida. Come see me if you’re in the neighborhood.

This is from their website calendar: Children’s Author David Harrrison Signs A Place to Start a Family. We are happy to report that store favorite David Harrison returns to our store Saturday March 10, beginning at noon! He’ll be signing his lovely new picture book, A Place to Start a Family.
Here’s the link for additional information:http://www.sundogbooks.com/event