Visitor number 100,000 is . . .

Hi everyone,

Sunday morning I kept the blog stats on as I watched the visits climb toward the 100,000 mark. Five visits short of the goal, all became still. No action. I read the paper and ate breakfast sitting here staring at the screen.

Finally, at 10:42, there came flurry of activity and number 100,000 came from our young friend and poet, Taylor McGowan from Galena, Ohio. I was delighted by the way it turned out. I’ll mail Taylor a signed copy of the book she chose, MAMMOTH BONES AND BROKEN STONES.

Many of you will remember when Taylor and another gifted young poet, Rachel Heinrichs of Westchester, Pennsylvania, became locked in a wild runoff for Young Poet of the Month back in May, 2010. On that occasion we had voters from several countries involved who helped run the total votes on April 29, 2010 up to 1830, the largest single tally in the history of my blog.

By coincidence, I also heard from Rachel this week, telling me that school is off to a good start and that she is as busy as ever. I know that so many of you agree that it is a pleasure to watch these girls and our other young poets grow and learn more about the world and themselves.