Showing my respect

Hi everyone,

Last night was supposed to be the occasion of the annual Teacher Appreciation Banquet in Springfield hosted by the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, an annual event that regularly draws more than 800 people. Of course it didn’t happen, but from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. I attended a Zoom meeting hosted by Natalie Murdock, executive director of the Foundation, “for a few of our friends, who serve on our committee now, have served in the past, our current board, a few of our past leaders.” I dressed for the meeting the same way I would have to attend the real banquet: dress shoes, slacks, colored shirt, jacket, and the special tie I’ve worn to every banquet for the last twenty+ years.

This is the first time I’ve gotten dressed up since the pandemic began but I consider the Teacher Appreciation Banquet an important event and though it was a virtual meeting it still felt like an occasion to show my respect to the teachers who would have been honored last evening if the real thing could have happened.

The banquet is now reset for August 31 so I’ll wear the tie again, twice in one year, and join the large hall filled with people who come to honor the men and women who educate and help raise our community’s children.

What was and now is

Hi everyone,

This was going to be a busy week. Tonight I would wear the special tie I only wear once a year on this occasion and attend the annual Teacher Appreciation Banquet. Around mid-week Su and Dan Hutchens would arrive to stay with us while they attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in Marshfield, Missouri. On Friday I would visit three schools in Columbia, Missouri. On Saturday I would give a talk at the Unbound Book Festival in Columbia and then make a two hour drive to speak at fund raising book festival in Fordland, Missouri.

None of that will happen of course. Tonight I will attend a virtual social hour honoring the Teacher Appreciation event. The rest of the week is open. My goal is to make two more videos, tweak my “so-so” interview, write four poems, and start the process of moving my e-mail address away from AT&T, which promises to be an arduous task. I’ll be notifying a lot of people about my new address in the coming days.

Short work week

Hi everyone,

This has been a good week. Monday night I enjoyed the Teacher Appreciation Banquet. I started it in the late 80s and chaired the committee for the first seven or eight years. I love to see it still flourishing and attended by close to one thousand people each year.

Then came Texas Library Association Conference, which I’ve already reported on. It was a short trip but still required most of Tuesday and Thursday as travel days and Wednesday as a busy day at the conference.

I got back to town yesterday in time to meet with Bill Anderson for a pleasant afternoon of news swapping and I also took him to see “my” school. Bill was thoughtful enough to bring some of his own books to donate to the Harrison library. The kids are in for a wonderful treat when they discover these new treasures in their library!

Friday was clear. No meetings. No outside obligations. It was a full, sweet, beautiful writing day!

Tonight I’ll attend a banquet honoring two new inductees into the Breech School of Business Hall of Fame. As a past honoree, I’m invited too. I look forward to that. . To find me, scroll back to the 2004 class.