A unique book available in a unique way, and it’s free

Hi everyone,

A good friend of mine is publishing her latest book in a unique way. Ruth Nathan describes herself: “I travel in the world of universities (UC) and public schools— a visiting professor and school teacher who writes about enjoyable, research-based strategies.”

Years ago Ruth brought me to California to meet with her 3rd graders and we’ve been friends and colleagues since. She is a well published authority on both reading and writing development, particularly in grades K-8. Ruth and co-authors Mary Ann Frishman and Marcia Russell have written a new book for classroom teachers called TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT, which offers 50 strategies that span the language arts. The chapter in which one of my poems is used as a model is about reading fluency. When Ruth looked for a good way to make the book available to as many people as possible — for free! — she chose to post one chapter at a time on Medium.com.

Three chapters are already posted. You don’t need to be a Medium.com member to view these at no cost up to three times per month. Ruth suggests you go to Medium.com and search “Ruth Nathan.” She has sent me direct links to the chapters but they are not showing up when I save this document. If you need any help or want to make contact with Ruth, you can reach her at ruthienathan@comcast.net.