Let the voting begin!

Hi Everyone,

Based on results of my polling last week, this will be the final month for readers to vote on their favorite poets and poems. I don’t know yet what to do after this, but for now we’ll stick with the usual procedure. You may vote once each for an adult and a young poet for the May Hall of Fame Poets.The last weeks of school have played havoc with teachers’ abilitiy to involve their students in writing poetry. We do, however have two strong poems by two enthusiastic young poets, Taylor McGowan and Victoria Kessinger. I hope you will show both girls your appreciation of their creative efforts based on STONE.

So here are the boxes. As always, this part of the monthly event will create excitement and attract many appreciative readers to admire the work of all of our poets. Votes are nice but comments are even better.


Read Adult Poems

Read Kids Poems

Here is a reminder of past Hall of Fame winners:
Month Poet From Poem
OCTOBER Word: Dirt
Adult Poet: Mimi Cross, New Jersey, Dirt Blues
Young Poet: Alyssa Kirch, Missouri, Mud Pie

NOVEMBER Word: Thanks
Adult Poet: Liz Korba, New Jersey, You’re Welcome
Young Poet: Claire Scott, Maryland, Thanks for Nothing

Adult Poet: Linda Kulp, Maryland, Wishes
Young Poet: Priya Shah, Maryland, A Mother’s Wish

JANUARY Word: Time
Adult Poet: Steven Withrow, Rhode Island, The Time Ship
Young Poet: John Sullivan, Ohio, End

Adult Poet: Beth Carter, Missouri, A Country Drive
Young Poet: Megan Barnett, Ohio, A Toxic Life

MARCH Word: Life
Adult Poet (tie): Laura Purdie Salas, Minnesota, Without
Jackie Huppenthal, Indiana, The Life of a Housewife
Young Poet: Colin Hurley, Missouri, The Flower’s Life

APRIL Word: Spring
Adult Poet: Barb Turner, New Hampshire, All Nestled In
Young Poet: Rachel Heinrichs, Pennsylvania, Spring

Announcing a new Friday guest: Me


Thanks to you who have let me know your preferences among the features I’ve introduced since starting my blog last August. Many readers have dropped by to review the boxes:
But I could use a lot more votes and comments. I swear, where’s the love!

Among the comments I have received is a request for information about developing a manuscript (poetry or picture book) from start to finish. I’ve decided to take that one on myself so I’ve exercised my authority to volunteer for a guest spot on Friday, May 28.


Announcing Marjorie Maddox as an upcoming guest

Have you voted yet? Please use the boxes that went up on Saturday to provide me with your feedback. Here’s the link: https://davidlharrison.wordpress.com/2010/05/15/which-features-do-you-like-best-about-my-blog/ 

I’m assigning a value of 3 to all 1st place votes; 2 for 2nd place votes; and 1 for 3rd place votes. So far the list from most liked to least looks like this:

1 — Word of the Month Poetry Challenge
2 — Guests on Fridays
3 — Poetry Tips (want them more frequently)
4 — Poem of the Week
5 — Monthly Teaching Tool
6 — Activities on Kids page
7 — Voting for Hall of Fame poets

These early results are based on a small sampling of visitors to my blog so I hope to see more of you let me know what you think.

I’ll leave the boxes up through this coming Saturday so please take time to give me your opinions! Thanks!


This is the final week for submitting May’s Word of the Month poems!! I hope you still plan to share your work based on the word of the month: STONE. Let’s hear from you! Students, we’re waiting to see your poems come in too. Don’t lose track of the time and let Friday slip by.

I’m pleased to tell you that this week’s Friday guest is Marjorie Maddox. Many of you enjoyed Marjorie’s work during April when Tricia Stohr-Hunt selected her as one of her featured poets. Here’s the link to that: http://missrumphiuseffect.blogspot.com/2010/04/poetry-makers-marjorie-maddox.html


Let the voting begin!

It’s that time again.  Click on the links below to read this month’s submissions.  Join the fun and cast your vote.REMINDER: Everyone can vote once for an adult and once for a young poet. Our poets have worked all month to create a new collection of original poetry inspired by the same word. This is when we want as many readers as possible to come by, read your work, and pick two to vote for. The poet in each category who receives the most votes will be proclaimed April Hall of Fame Poet.

Previous poets of the month are not eligible to win again during this initial twelve months, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them if you like their poems!Click to Read Adult Poems

Click to Read Young Adult Poems

Thanks, David

Announcing Sara Holbrook

REMINDER: Voting ends at midnight CST this Saturday, January 30.

We had a good first day of voting for January Hall of Fame Poets. Early leaders are Steven in first place with Gay, Delane, and Mimi tied for second. Among the young poets, it’s Sam, Cecily, and Rachael. One of my favorite memories is of the time when I watched middle school cheerleaders lead chants for reading. Think about how rare that is. Then think about what we’re doing here, for poetry. The idea is to have a good time so vote and tell others to vote. Poets, tell your supporters that they’ll never have a better time to get out the vote. One month we had a student who received more than 100 votes. That was exciting!

Another reason I’m excited is that before long we’ll hear from Sara Holbrook. Everything about that woman is exciting. I get a kick out of watching good performance artists like Sara. She doesn’t just recite a poem. She becomes that poem. And don’t think you’re going to hear anything sugar coated either. A lot of Sara’s poetry gets its thumb in your eye and makes you think while you blink. More later. Just wanted you to be thnking about another star on the horizon.

Here’s an update on upcoming blog guests to tuck away. Laura Robb (1/29), Laura Purdie Salas (2/5), Lee Bennett Hopkins (2/12), Tim Rasinski (2/19), Laura Backes (2/26), June Rae Wood (3/5). These are all excellent people who will share information and insights from their successful careers and experiences. I hope you won’t miss them.