Editors needed

Hi everyone,

Here’s a bulletin from Susan Tierney at Schoolwide Publishing.

Dear writers, instructors, editors, and friends,

The new digital classroom library at Schoolwide, where I’ve been Acquisitions Editor now for almost six months, is moving apace. I’m now looking for freelance editors, with the potential for a long-term contract, and possibly a permanent editing position down the line.

The work would be to review and rate the children’s manuscript submissions we receive, and/or take on editing of specific projects. We’re publishing everything from K-8 (and a little higher), fiction and nonfiction. We also have several editorial projects underway for the library that will need editors.

We’d prefer 20+ hours a week. We’d begin working on a monthly contract basis, say three months, and then evaluate on both sides and proceed from there.

If you, or anyone you know, has the experience and interest in working as an editor for a growing project, please have them contact me, and include a résumé.

Thanks very much!

Susan Tierney
Acquisitions and Development Editor
Schoolwide, Inc.

Over at Institute of Children’s Literature

Hi everyone,

My friend Veda Boyd Jones mentioned the other day that Susan Tierney at the Institute of Children’s Literature is interested in writing tips to post on their Facebook page. I sent a tip, which was posted this past week. Here’s the link. https://www.facebook.com/InstituteofChildrensLiterature
I sent her a second one so maybe it will go up too before long. If you haven’t visited that page, I think you’ll like it. Susan is working hard to make it a good resource.