Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

Each month this blog will feature a word of the month to stimulate a poem. Anyone who wishes to share a poem is invited to participate. The point is to enjoy the challenge of writing a poem inspired by a single word. It doesn’t matter if this is your first poem or five hundredth. It’s all done for the fun and exercise of writing.

Cutoff for posting the current Word of the Month poem is the last day of the month.

On the first day of each month, a new word will be posted to challenge your imagination for that month.

Please post your poems on this page, so everyone can find the poems easily. 

Thank you and have fun!


PS: The word for April is QUARTER.

31 comments on “Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

  1. April poem

    Quarter back
    Quarter barrel
    Quarter mile
    All bring back thoughts from decades ago.
    All make me smile.
    High school Friday nights.
    Sacking the opponents leader under home field lights.
    Celebrating wins at a friends home. Not admitting to underage consumption of beer. But we all spent the night because we lived in fear of our parents finding our little secret.
    Drag racing on three mile lane. Local police officers would watch for traffic. All good times that in retrospect probably couldn’t happen today.
    Some do gooder would definitely have something negative to say.
    Great times. Life long friends. If I had it to do over I’d do it again.

  2. Buying the Wind

    I threw a quarter
    Into the water,
    buying the wind.
    It did what it ought-a
    in the water,
    a channel opened.
    It opened a border
    into the water,
    poor kids swam in.

    (You have to read this with a NY accen t really make it work. Or maybe Boston.

    Jane Yolen

  3. Thank You for Your Service

    Was a love hate romance going on
    for over a quarter a century
    in career courtship with Army life
    where just going along to get along
    never was he content just to be
    all he could be
    so now my fellow country men heed his advice
    in wars fleeting memory proud yet hauntingly melancholy sad
    veterans all need someone to make them feel glad

    William Joe Pyles

  4. Song of Poison
    By Linda Boyden ©2018, 2021

    It sang a song of poison,
    this dull brown bird,
    darting here and there,
    dropping musical notes in its wake:
    whole notes to scorch rose petals,
    quarter notes to ravage geraniums.

    It fed upon hemlock needles
    and blossoms of white oleander,
    plants with murder on their minds.

    Stay inside.
    Bar the windows
    against its winsome form.

    Once heard, its melodies
    will splice tendrils of venom
    into your heart,
    infect your mind;
    sprout deadly toxins
    that taint your soul
    with a desire to destroy,
    a lust for ruin.


    A quarter has passed since we met face-to-face,
    Since I felt the warmth of your embrace
    So long

    Eighty-eight days of meeting on Zoom.
    They say it’s like having you in the room
    They’re wrong

    It just reminds me of what we are missing;
    And I do feel rather stupid kissing
    My phone

    And when we’ve finished and you are gone,
    I’m right back where I started from

    Twelve weeks (and a half) I have been waiting,
    Longing and anticipating
    Wondering why

    Every day I watch the clock,
    Counting every tick and tock
    Go by

    I’ve even calculated seconds;
    Seven million plus I reckon
    Is that sad?

    It’s just that, waiting here for you,
    I have to find something to do
    Or go mad

    Yes, a quarter has passed since we met face-to-face,
    Since I felt the warmth of your embrace
    Too long

    Bryn Strudwick

  6. Routine

    It’s quarter to six,
    It’s time to rise,
    What’s ahead for me,
    Is no surprise.
    Need to get up,
    Have a cup of tea,
    Make myself ready,
    And from house I flee.
    Pick up grand kids,
    Take them to school,
    The next six hours,
    I’m free, it’s cool.
    Back on the road,
    Again a pick up,
    Take them home,
    Till their parent’s show up.
    It’s a pleasure I know,
    I love them dearly,
    Now a quarter of my life,
    Has been hijacked, clearly.

    Toni Newell 4th April, 2021


    Quarter past three
    Wide awake,
    Grateful for gentle snores of
    Husband and dog.

    c Jane Heitman Healy 4/12/21

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