Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

Each month this blog will feature a word of the month to stimulate a poem. Anyone who wishes to share a poem is invited to participate. The point is to enjoy the challenge of writing a poem inspired by a single word. It doesn’t matter if this is your first poem or five hundredth. It’s all done for the fun and exercise of writing.

Cutoff for posting the current Word of the Month poem is the last day of the month.

On the first day of each month, a new word will be posted to challenge your imagination for that month.

Please post your poems on this page, so everyone can find the poems easily. 

Thank you and have fun!


PS: The word for December is BLUE.

46 comments on “Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

  1. Blueberry Blues

    True berry
    Dark “I love you” berry
    Yummy in pancakes
    Muffins or pie

    I’ve eaten you ‘til
    My tum’s had its fill
    But when I look in the mirror
    My smile makes me cry.

    © Karen Eastlund

  2. I Come From
    By Linda Boyden ©2019

    I come from laughter
    from the man who never
    abandoned the boy within,
    always quick with
    jokes or pranks;
    whose strong shoulders
    carried the weight of my tears,
    whose songs helped us
    through the lean times.

    I come from his strength,
    the strength he gleaned
    from his Blue Ridge mountains,
    sweet watermelon days
    and firefly evenings,
    from sweet tea, cornbread,
    and guitar picking
    on the front porch,
    a Tennessee serenade.

  3. Emotional Blue
    © Mary Nida Smith

    Blue is a happy color
    Sky blue, sunshine clear
    Ocean blue and calm.

    Blue can be a feeling
    Sudden broken heart
    When lovers part.

  4. Blue, True

    You used to swallow a glob of it when you were sick,
    under the tub faucet, because the taste was so awful.
    Vick’s vapo-rub blue.

    You learned survival,
    how to catch, cook and eat snake.
    Your Sea Scout blues.

    Your navy bell bottoms, tunic –
    I could wear them for a time,
    but never filled them.
    Your Navy Blues

    The smooth cobalt jar, metal lid
    swishing like the distant tide,
    the cool white creme on your face.
    Noxzema, morning blue..

    There were the blueberries we picked at Memere’s,
    popping them into our mouths,
    saving some for pie.
    Tasty blue.

    The Dodge station wagon, Powder
    The Ford Mustang, Metallic
    The Dodge Volare, Big Sky called out before it got to any corner
    Blue on a roll.

    Then there was the wild yonder,
    where you went so very often,
    served your country, flew me to freedom,
    brought me in safe
    out of the wild blue.

    All testaments to who you were,
    True …
    by Linda Trott Dickman

  5. Adirondack Blue Seasons

    Flowers in colorful hues
    Yellows, violets, pinks, blues
    Now, spring has arrived.

    Children bring bouquets
    Yellow dandelions, royal violets
    Hope springs eternal.

    Clear blue: sky and lake
    My paddle slices through water
    That is smooth as glass.

    Birds sing. Loons call,
    Moonlight reflects in cerulean water,
    Peace reigns supreme.

    Blue water mirrors
    Dying foliage, bright and crisp
    Against an azure sky.

    Steady rain drips sadness
    Singing sorrowful stillness
    Gray November gloom.

    November day
    Chill, damp, dark, dreary gray
    Hearts turn blue.

    Cold, crisp, cobalt blue sky
    Frames green and white arches
    As my skis glide by.

    Sledding we will go,
    Angels playing in the snow,
    Sing, Joy to the world!

    © Yvona Fast

  6. OK I also couldn’t stop with just one… Karen Eastman you inspired me to think of berries… and berries mean summer… so here goes another one:

    Winter or summer
    clear, azure, dotted with white
    Adirondack sky.

    On a summer day
    Cool water, peaks of green forest
    Swim in sapphire.

    Indigo berries
    so yummy in my tummy,
    muffins, pancakes, pie.

    © Yvona Fast

    by Cory Corrado ©
    SILENCE i-n-t-e-r-r-u-p-t-e-d
    piercing shrieks shrill the air
    l o n g distance
    ‘jay’s call

  8. and one more … anyone guess whose POV this is written from?

    Blue, white, clear, crisp, bright.
    Cerulean sky, white fluff…
    Where’s my summer door?

    • That would be interesting … writing that from the clouds’ point of view. It is my cat, looking out the back door as i hold it open, wanting the door into summer…

  9. Blue Stocking
    Virginia Lowe

    I am the last of my species
    Left without tertiary education
    “We can’t afford to send two to uni”
    (though my brother was five years younger)
    “He’ll have to support a wife and children”

    But I knew really
    it was the blue stocking effect
    “Who’d want to marry
    a girl with her head in a book
    all the time?”

    I did find someone
    or he found me
    A fellow librarian
    All he wanted was a girl
    with her head buried in a book
    who wanted to study, too

    He even made passes
    at a girl wearing glasses

    Try to explain Blue Stocking
    to a Millennium
    Complete lack of understanding
    A species fortunately extinct
    left behind by evolution

    But with a doctorate in hand
    a mature student, lecturer too

    © Virginia Lowe


    Hair dyed red with a streak of blue.
    The sort of thing punk rockers do,
    Not something I’d expect of you.
    I wonder what possessed you to.
    You say it’s time for pastures new.
    But, Mother, you are ninety-two!

    Bryn Strudwick

    • From time to time I think that when my hair goes pure white I might try fuchsia. I mean, at that point, why not??? Mom may no longer be capable of all the crazy things she can think of, but this one is easy. She can watch for the surprised look on everyone’s faces.

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