Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

Each month this blog will feature a word of the month to stimulate a poem. Anyone who wishes to share a poem is invited to participate. The point is to enjoy the challenge of writing a poem inspired by a single word. It doesn’t matter if this is your first poem or five hundredth. It’s all done for the fun and exercise of writing.

Cutoff for posting the current Word of the Month poem is the last day of the month.

On the first day of each month, a new word will be posted to challenge your imagination for that month.

Please post your poems on this page, so everyone can find the poems easily. 

Thank you and have fun!


PS: The word for January is Yes.

30 comments on “Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

  1. Yes v No

    Three little letters,
    Can hold so much power
    They can open a world,
    And despair can devour.
    They can be a denial,
    Or be a confession,
    They can register hope,
    Or even depression.
    However the other,
    Whose letters are two,
    Hold even more power,
    An opposite view.
    The word I refer to,
    Is the two lettered no,
    When that is expressed,
    There’s nowhere to go.
    Yes, allows a caveat,
    A condition or two,
    No, is like a full stop,
    The end of the queue.

    Toni Newell 2nd January, 2021.

  2. YES

    Fingers crossed,
    I won’t stress,
    I’m hoping dad,
    Will just say yes.
    I’ve asked mum twice,
    She isn’t sure,
    I’m hoping dad,
    Is my saviour.
    I want to go,
    To this party,
    Play with my friends,
    Hope they agree.
    I’ll make a promise,
    To pitch in,
    I’ll do my chores,
    If they give in.

    Toni Newell 2nd January, 202

  3. I can see that you had some thoughtful moments with this word and some fun! The world of Yes, the world of no, and then there is the world of wait.
    How many times did I ask my father for permission and yes? Wow, like a golden ticket! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Y.E.S.
    For all the Supermarket Salmon

    I went in for macadamias
    I got myself a cart
    I looked at all the arrows on the floor

    Began my aisle-land journey
    I made my search an art
    taking in specials, products, sales du jour

    When all-at-once it started
    first up one aisle down the next
    the supermarket salmon in their quest

    to go against established flow
    taking up whole aisles
    There was no question one gal did it best

    I looked all over for a sign
    a way to help ther see
    …communicate yet cheerfully benign

    When all-at-once I saw it
    red square with just one word
    Y.E.S. it boasted there upon the sign

    Did my best though silently
    to redirect her gaze
    when it hit me who the sign was really for

    In small print at the bottom edge
    the acronym explained
    YIELD for
    on the floor

    So I yielded, my shortlist acquired
    But really, just the same
    when’s it my turn for consideration, when?

    I watch for arrows, turn around
    Go aisles away from goal
    If I can do that, so can they, amen?

    Why would I want this breed o spawn
    in this supermarket river
    why not have them follow special rules

    It occurred to me
    as my groceries were sequestered in bag
    It’s certain that we come from different schools.
    by Linda Trott Dickman ©2021

    • Oh, the supermarket arrows on the floor! My store recently removed them; we apparently were too stubborn to obey. I also liked your play with this word, ailse-land. What a fun poem.

    • I would always say yes to salmon. Interestingly, in Aus, we had/have arrows at entrances/exits but not in the aisles. Thank you for sharing. Cheers


    They said it would come.
    Just a matter of time, they said.
    I prayed it would not.

    It happened just once. My heart sank.
    Puzzled, confused—no ‘yes’ in her eyes.
    But still my face smiled . . . the most loving-warm smile.

    “my child”
    Last spoken words.
    Mom knew.

    Cory Corrado (2021/) ©

  6. Sunlight in the Shape of a Heart
    By Linda Boyden ©2021

    By a weathered fence,
    two oak trees stand
    snaked together
    trunk to limb
    limb to trunk
    frozen in a marriage
    of pith and bark,
    leaf crowns merged
    into lattice.

    Yes, I’ve wondered
    how they’ve survived,
    winding and straining
    against each other for light
    during their pliant youth;
    how at some point
    they grew into truce,
    surrendered into
    a state of twisted beauty.

    Overhead, the clouds disperse,
    the sun returns;
    light flashes through their trunks
    onto a splintered plank
    of a wooden fence:
    sunlight in the shape of a heart.


    I asked if she’d come to the movies.
    She thought and said, “Yes, all right.
    But you’ll have to pay for my ticket.”
    I said I thought I might.
    I bought her a box of chocolates,
    Which I thought would hit the mark.
    But I chose a milk selection
    And she said she only ate dark.
    I got tickets in the back row
    Which made her rather suspicious.
    She thought that, for a first date,
    I was being a bit ambitious.
    I asked if I could hold her hand
    And she said, “Yes, I suppose.
    But don’t get any ideas,
    That’s as far as it goes.”
    When the hero kissed the heroine,
    I suggested we should too.
    She said, “My mother warned me
    All about boys like you”.
    But then she said, “All right then,
    Kiss my cheek if you must.”
    I found it really thrilling
    But I don’t think she was fussed.
    Now I’m sure you’re sitting there wondering
    How far this story goes.
    Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.
    The rest of it’s full of noes.

    Bryn Strudwick

  8. New Year’s Resolutions

    Yes to an exciting new day
    No to grumbles and grouches
    Yes to the joys unveiled
    No to anxieties appearing
    Yes to the goodness surrounding
    No to the evils blaring
    Yes to the poems in life
    No to hurtful words
    Yes to a good new year
    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Hollie Dagata

  9. YES!

    “Yes.” I have said as a Mom of four
    Many, many times. I can’t keep score.

    They ask, “Can we go?”
    I find it hard to say “No.”

    Football game?
    A play too?

    My friend’s house?
    Just listing a few.


    Six Flags?
    And more.

    Ice Cream?
    The train?

    Candy Cane Lane?

    So happy I have said each “Yes.”
    But now my house is still a mess.

    Marge Waldschmidt

  10. From My List of Favorite Things

    Do you have a list of favorite things?
    If I offered one to you would you accept?
    A simple nay or aye will suffice.
    You only need to give me a reply.

    To the majesty of a vibrant rainbow, I say yes.
    To a slice of warm apple pie, I say yes.
    To the sound of a toddler’s gleeful laugh, I say yes.

    Did you see something that makes you smile?
    Does anything fit your style?
    A simple nay or aye will suffice.
    You only need to give me a reply.

    To the music of a gentle guitar, I say yes.
    To a snuggle with a cute puppy, I say yes.
    To the gentle kiss from my sweetheart’s lips, I say yes.

    Did you enjoy my list of favorite things?
    Did any coincide with your list?
    Simple things that yield big rewards.
    Anyone would be such a sweet award.

    Beverly Ann McCall, January 10, 2021

  11. A Nonet (or maybe a Yesnet)

    When you were a young boy, in that phase
    Saying “No, no, no” all the time,
    I’d tickle you, tickle you
    Asking, “Should I stop now?”
    “No!” You would giggle.
    I’d tickle you
    More until
    You said,

    (c) 2021 Susan Bickel

  12. Try something you haven’t before.

    Run, not walk out the door.

    Love the now and how.

    Say yes to something different.

    Think about what could be.

    Accept what can’t be changed.

    Let it all flow by, let some sink in,

    Lock into your mind. But,

    always with—-yes to possibilities

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