Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

Each month this blog will feature a word of the month to stimulate a poem. Anyone who wishes to share a poem is invited to participate. The point is to enjoy the challenge of writing a poem inspired by a single word. It doesn’t matter if this is your first poem or five hundredth. It’s all done for the fun and exercise of writing.

Cutoff for posting the current Word of the Month poem is the last day of the month.

On the first day of each month, a new word will be posted to challenge your imagination for that month.

Please post your poems on this page, so everyone can find the poems easily. 

Thank you and have fun!


PS: The word for March is FRIENDS.

23 comments on “Adult “W.O.M.” Poems

  1. The Question

    When I turn off the lights
    with nowhere to hide―
    there’s just me
    and my thoughts
    and the dark

    Are we friends?

    © Cory Corrado (2019) (2023)

  2. Friends and sins. Setting back and watch as the transformation begins.
    Two couples started out as friends then somehow it became more than that. Couple “A” male started meeting with couple “B” female. On the sly of course just a fling. Unbeknownst to this action the other half of said couples began seeing each other on the sly as well. Keeping the sin a secret was causing more pain than they all could tell.
    One day the truth came out. Two divorces came about.
    The newly divorced couple’s got remarried in a double ceremony remaining good friends till death they did depart. This is an amazing very true story of friends and sins and happiness in the end.

  3. For That Tolerant, Oh So Open Minded Friend From High School

    You pride yourself on your tolerance.
    Your posts herald your heart
    unkind, uncalled for, unbidden.
    You believe that the world
    is entitled to your opinion
    … about everything. Berating
    anyone’s opinion adverse
    to your own, unfriended,
    expletive adorned, cliched
    to the curb.
    I meet what
    I can with love, emoji, reality,
    the rest, I say nothing
    there is nothing more …

    Linda T. Dickman

  4. Finding Home
    By Linda Boyden ©2015, 2023

    If you have a true heart,
    you know how to listen.
    You understand the
    negative space of silence,
    how words linger
    in our hearts,
    how stories dwell
    within our ears.

    If you have a true heart,
    you are a friend for life,
    one who will listen or
    smack you upside the head
    when necessary.

    If you have a true heart,
    you catch the unspoken need
    behind the words
    and will be there
    with him
    beside her
    hold a hand
    jump a dead battery
    let supper grow cold
    pace lonely hospital halls
    because you know,
    you remember what
    the elders taught you:

    Friends cross distances
    to help each other find home.

    • Linda B
      I love this reminder of how wonderful a friend can be. Even after they are gone the goodness remains in our hearts.

  5. The Two of Us
    by Marge Waldschmidt
    We went to the same school.
    We played the same games.
    We celebrated birthdays together.
    We asked each other for advice.
    We shared similar dreams.
    We travel to mark milestones.
    We tell the same stories.
    We hug like best friends.
    We are siblings.

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